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Dystopian thriller is being called one of the best movies on Netflix
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Dystopian thriller is being called one of the best movies on Netflix

Netflix audiences have shared the movie, a dystopian thriller from a few years ago

Viewers of Netflix have shared what they think is one of the best films on there.

Posting to LADbible's Facebook group, Netflix Bangers, one viewer of the platform shared one of their favourite films.

Many people agreed, posting in the comments that it was 'one of the best movies'.

High praise indeed!

One viewer posted the poster the film with the caption: "I loved this so much I definitely recommend watching & yess ik it’s old."

So what is the movie? It's a dystopian thriller released in 2017, so not that old!

It's called What Happened to Monday, and is set in a future where overpopulation has resulted in a strict one child policy being enforced.

So things don't look great when Terrance Settman's (William Dafoe) daughter dies when she gives birth to seven identical daughters.

SETT-man, geddit, because 'sett' sounds like the words for seven in Latin-descended languages?

Trying to avoid the children being taken away by sinister government forces to be put into stasis, the family instead comes up with the inventive solution of just pretending all the children are one person, because they're identical.

Noomi Rapace in What Happened to Monday.

The movie stars Noomi Rapace from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as the seven sisters, who each take on a name of the day of the week.

They can then only go out on the day that they're named after, pretending to be the same person.

Great if you're Saturday, not so much if you're Monday.

Each of the septuplets also has a very different personality, some being shy, others more forthright.

Spoiler alert for the movie below, just to be clear.

In the end, it turns out that the government's programme to go and put extra children into cryo sleep was actually not true.

Instead of being put on ice until it's safe for them to be woken up, the children are being incinerated.

The movie got mixed reviews, with critics praising Rapace's performance, but others criticising the clunky plot.

The movie has been praised online.

It ended up weighing in with a score of 59 percent with critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Meanwhile the audience score is somewhat higher, coming in at 67 percent.

Nonetheless, viewers on Netflix shared that they thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

One wrote: "One of the best movies to watch," while a second posted: "Loved this movie! This and Kate were really good."

Another replied: "This was a favorite!"

What Happened to Monday is available to stream on Netflix.

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