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People shocked by chilling true story in Netflix’s newest crime docuseries

People shocked by chilling true story in Netflix’s newest crime docuseries

Netflix's latest crime series released on the popular streaming platform last week

Netflix subscribers have been left in utter shock by a chilling true story told in the streaming giants' latest crime docuseries.

There are plenty of crime options to watch on the popular streaming platform, isn't there?

But it can get a bit tiresome when you watch the same TV show or film over and over again.

As a result, many Netflix subscribers are on the hunt for the newest crime series, and you should look no further than Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal.

For those unaware, Ashley Madison is a dating website that specifically targeted married individuals, assuring them of total secrecy, allowing them to spice up their sex lives without their partners finding out.

They lured users in with the catchline: "Life is short. Have an affair."

While it may sound pretty ridiculous, millions of unsatisfied husbands and wives signed up to the site.

The Netflix mini-series explores the effects of the cyber attack on the website in 2015, exposing three million users.

Included in that was the names and addresses of well-known celebrities and politicians that were in the public eye.

The hacking of the dating site outed a lot of people. (Netflix)
The hacking of the dating site outed a lot of people. (Netflix)

On top of that, there was also the average people being outed - though that is still a marriage broken down because of adultery revealed by the cyber attack.

In July 2015, hackers threatened to leak information if the site wasn't shut down in 30 days, which the Ashley Madison team failed to do.

As a result, the hacking group exposed millions of users' personal information.

The mini-series began streaming on Netflix from 15 May, with it being the talk of the town on Facebook's Netflix Bangers group.

One user asked the group how they are feeling about Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal, and many were not afraid to give their opinion.

Viewers are stunned by the mini-series. (Netflix)
Viewers are stunned by the mini-series. (Netflix)

"Finished it last night and thought it was very interesting but my husband got worried about me staring at him the whole time," one person wrote.

"Watching right now! So good," a second added.

While a third remarked: "It’s good! Love true stories…watched all 3 episodes in one night. Shocking over 70 MILLION people are cheating on their spouses!😳 The data breach was devastating 💔 I always wondered what happened to all the cheaters who were exposed…😳 This series touches on the damaging consequences 🥹."

The series not exactly gone down too well with critics, with Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal sitting at a 43 percent Rotten Tomatoes score at the time of writing.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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