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'Sick and twisted' new Netflix documentary is 'perfect' for true crime lovers

'Sick and twisted' new Netflix documentary is 'perfect' for true crime lovers

Fans have said the documentary is 'one for the books'

Who says you need to watch rom-coms on Valentine's Day? This week Netflix viewers are recommending something much darker, and 'perfect' for true crime fans.

If anything, the new documentary will probably put you right off the thought of romance, and might be a welcome break from all the love hearts and mushy posts popping up on your timeline.

Released on 9 February, Netflix's latest true crime film tells the story of a man named Dave Kroupa, who moved to Nebraska in 2012 with the hope of finding love.

Kroupa met a single mom, Liz Golyar, through an online dating site, but a short while later, he met another woman with who he felt an instant connection.

Sounds like your classic love triangle, right? Wrong.

The title of the documentary pretty much says it all: Lover, Stalker, Killer, is far from an ordinary story. You can watch the trailer here:

A chance encounter led Golyar to meet the new woman in Kroupa's life, and everything quickly started to unravel.

The documentary flew to the Number 1 spot of Netflix's Top 10 movies, and has been praised by users with a passion for true crime.

One Facebook user gave a shoutout to the series on LADbible's Netflix Bangers Facebook page, writing: "Sick, twisted and heart breaking...This is for all crime documentary lovers..."

Lover, Stalker, Killer tells the story of Dave Kroupa.

Another Netflix user commented: "This was actually so well done and managed to be a story I’ve never heard before! The twist really caught me for a surprise."

"You guys should watch Lover, Stalker, Killer on Netflix. What a story," wrote a third.

Other viewers also commended the series for its 'insane' plot twist and its rollercoaster storyline, with one writing: "Every time I watch a true crime documentary the cops are always like I'd never seen a case like this in my entire career.

"I'm always like damn y'all need to watch more true crime. But lover, stalker, killer is truly one for the books."

Fans have praised the plot twist in the documentary.

Sam Hobkinson, the director of Lover, Stalker, Killer, told Tudum that he wanted the storytelling of the documentary to 'reflect' Kroupa's confusion as he's caught 'in a complete web of falsehood'.

“As a director, it was a gift of a story,” Hobkinson continued. “Especially if you’re interested in making structured narratives that are about deception and identity.”

So if you're looking for something a bit different to sink your teeth into this Valentine's Day, why not give Lover, Stalker, Killer a try?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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