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Aaron Paul says he makes no money from Breaking Bad being streamed on Netflix
Featured Image Credit: AMC

Aaron Paul says he makes no money from Breaking Bad being streamed on Netflix

The actor says it's 'insane' that he isn't getting residuals for one of the biggest TV shows in history.

Aaron Paul claims he makes absolutely no money from Netflix despite Breaking Bad being being available to stream on the platform.

There's no denying the legendary AMC series is one of the most popular TV shows in history and there would have been millions of people who will have binged it on Netflix.

However, one of the programme's lead stars says he doesn't get to enjoy any of that success.

Paul played Jesse Pinkman and he has joined the long list of actors and writers who are striking to demand better pay conditions in the age of streaming.

CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images

He, along with Bryan Cranston and Jesse Plemons, marched outside Sony Pictures Studios building to make sure their message was getting across.

Paul said (via The Independent): "I don’t get a piece from Netflix on Breaking Bad to be totally honest and that’s insane to me.

“I think a lot of these streamers know that they have been getting away with not paying people a fair wage and now it’s time to pony up.”

Sony arranged a deal with Netflix for the series to go on the streaming service for the fourth season.

That helped the show ensure it would have a huge fifth season and the premiere for that instalment had more than double the viewership compared to the fourth season premiere.

According to Mashable, the show's creator Vince Gilligan said at the Emmys that 'Netflix kept us on the air'.


During Paul, Cranston and Plemons' strike action, they said they weren't trying to make streaming services out to be villains.

Bryan said: "These are people we all will be working with once again at some point. We just want them to see reality and fairness and come back to the table and talk to us."

He added: "Something that makes the working actor able to pay their bills, pay their rent, buy food for their families. I mean, it’s really to that point. It’s a watershed moment.”

He also highlighted the concern of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry.

Cranston is one of several striking actors and writers who believes there need to be assurances that their jobs won't be replaced by AI in the future and that there needs to be safeguards put in place.

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