New Netflix horror Don't Listen is being praised as a new version of The Conjuring

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New Netflix horror Don't Listen is being praised as a new version of The Conjuring

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

A Spanish horror flick has been giving people the creeps since it landed on Netflix recently, with some branding it a new version of The Conjuring.

Voces - or Don’t Listen in English - has made viewers' blood run cold with its terrifying jump scares and scary plot, so much so that subscribers have been warned 'not to watch' it alone.

The 2020 Spanish horror and supernatural thriller directed by Ángel Gómez Hernández bagged two Asociación de Escritores Cinematográficos de Andalucía (ASECAN) awards for Best First Work and Best Makeup and Hairstyles, respectively, so it's no surprise it's having such an impact on terrified viewers.

Check out the trailer (if you can stomach it):


The story revolves around Daniel and Sara who moved into their dreamy new home with their nine-year-old son, Eric, unaware of the fact the neighbours ominously call it the 'the house of the voices'. Yep, it's a no from me.

Moving forward, Eric is the first one to notice odd voices from behind the door, which are later heard by his father.

After the family's life turned into a living nightmare, they decide to seek the help of a famous paranormal expert Germán and his daughter Ruth.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Fans have taken to social media to warn other viewers about the flick, with one writing on Twitter: “Tip: don’t watch alone! So scary but GOOD!”

Another said: "dont listen on netflix = very very gud horror/suspense."

Meanwhile, someone else penned: “So have just frightened the sh**e out of myself before bed watching #DontListen on Netflix – like a Spanish version of The Conjuring! Really good and worth a watch," while another added: "Wow! This movie is VERY creepy! I’m loving it!!!!"

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Ángel Gómez Hernández, the director of the film told ReachExtra that Don't Listen is the 'film I always dreamed of making my debut as a film director'.

He said: "This is the type of film with which I always dreamed of being able to debut as a film director, because of the story, because of the script, because of the team, because it is a horror movie without complexes…

"If they had told me 15 years ago that it was going to be my debut, I would have signed it, without a doubt."

Talking about behind-the-scenes, Hernández said: “For a few days we did fear that we would have scenes to shoot, but in the end we managed to arrive on time: we just finished shooting the day before we went into lockdown. And I am very happy, of course, for having done it, for having been able to finish it and for having released it like this."

Don't Listen is streaming on Netflix now.

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