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New Netflix Series About Worst Roommates People Have Had Has Viewers Hooked

New Netflix Series About Worst Roommates People Have Had Has Viewers Hooked

The true-crime series 'Worst Roommate Ever' tells four shocking stories of horrific housemates.

Most people have an experience of a bad roommate, but usually feelings of anger or frustration stem from them stealing your toothpaste, drinking juice from the carton or scoffing the food you've been looking forward to all day.

As it turns out those are far from the worst traits you could have in a roommate, as proven in Netflix's new true crime series Worst Roommate Ever.

Released on March 1, the series tells the stories of four roommates who seem harmless at first, but whose true, terrifying colours eventually become clear - sometimes when it's too late to do anything about it.

See the trailer below:

Over the course of five episodes, viewers are introduced to the fraudulent, murderous and downright horrific actions of Dorothea Puente, KC Joy, Youssef Khater and Jamison Bachman, each of whom make their roommates' lives hell.

Worst Roommate Ever kicks off with the story of Puente, who has also been dubbed the 'Death House Landlady'.

If the name itself doesn't ring alarm bells, the story of how she murdered at least nine people throughout the eighties while running a boarding house certainly will.

Other stories told in the series are that of Joy, who became a person of interest in 2013 following the disappearance of his roommate, 36-year-old college student Maribel Ramos, from Santa Ana, California, and the story of conman Khater, who lived in a large house share in Santiago, Chile in 2011.

One of the most troubling and detailed stories told in the series is that of Bachman, who has two episodes dedicated to revealing the horrors that began after Philadelphia resident Alex Miller posted an advert online to rent her spare bedroom in 2017.

Miller accepted the application of a lawyer named Jed Creek, but it later emerged that Miller had actually been living under the same roof as serial squatter Bachman, who later became violent with her.

Despite only having been released on the streaming service yesterday, the true crime series has captivated viewers and prompted many to express their shock over the unbelievable tales.

One viewer commented: '“Worst Roommate Ever” makes me never want to talk to people ever again.'

Another wrote: 'Spent the day binging Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix and now I never want to meet another human being as long as I live, let alone invite them into my home.'

Though I'd like to think most people out there are generally good, the series definitely acts as a cautionary tale about who you invite into your home.

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