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Netflix Viewers Are Obsessed With Horrifying True Crime Series

Netflix Viewers Are Obsessed With Horrifying True Crime Series

A horrifying true crime series has been released onto Netflix and viewers are hooked.

A horrifying true crime series has been added onto Netflix and viewers are hooked.

If there was ever more reason to vow to stay single forever or even marry yourself, then this docuseries is all the evidence you need.

As if life wasn't horrifying enough already, viewers have already chomped their way through the whole 26 episodes of the first season of a new Netflix release which uncovers the 'harrowing true crime cases centred around unsuspecting spouses who fell victim to their dangerous partners'.

Meet, Marry, Murder - which originally aired in 2020 - has made it to the top five in Netflix's top charts as of today (3 June).

The series documents cases such as Kelly Cochran's murder of her lover and then husband, Mahmuda Khatun's stabbing of her husband and American politician Kathy Augustine being killed by her husband.

Netflix users have already become 'obsessed' with the series.

Move over Netflix and chill nights, one viewer has renamed them as, 'Meet, marry murder and munch night[s]'.

Viewers have flocked to Twitter in desperation to find others who have binge-watched the entire first season too.

"Does anybody watch Meet Marry Murder on Netflix? I need to say something!" they said.

Another user, who claims to not 'go one week without watching a crime doc,' rated the series as a '10/10'.

"I'm a woman obsessed with Meet Marry Murder," a third wrote.

The series has unleashed bouts of rage in its viewers too.

"I'm so angry at episode 20 of Meet Marry Murder because this Tiffany Hill did everything to make sure the system was aware that her husband was trying to unalive her but no they released him," one said.

"Episode 3 of Meet Marry Murder on Netflix, why is the son comparing his dad murdering his mum to her cheating on him please?" another questioned.

Meet, Marry, Murder was first released on 2 November, 2020 in the US.

It was produced by FirstLook TV and FilmRise.

As well as being able to view it on Netflix, you can also catch it on Amazon.

A follow-on series called Meet, Marry, Murder. Hosted by Michelle Trachtenberg also exists, so fans don't need to panic if they've made their way through the whole of the original.

Trachtenberg is previously known for her acting roles, such as when she played Dawn Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl.

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