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Napoleon Dynamite star shares his extremely dark pitch for a sequel and says it could happen

Napoleon Dynamite star shares his extremely dark pitch for a sequel and says it could happen

The American actor has shared his ideas for a potential new sequel of the cult classic

The man who made Napoleon Dynamite the cult classic it is today has revealed his 'dark' visions for a potential sequel.

With bizarre ideas to turn the off-beat comedy into something much more harrowing, the film star shared what a second movie may look like 19 years on from the original.

Napoleon Dynamite was a smash-hit.
Alamy Stock Photo / Paramount Pictures

Hitting our screens back in 2004, Napoleon Dynamite was as instant box-office success, raking in a staggering $46.1 million on a mere $400k budget.

Directed by Jared Hess, the coming-of-age tale focuses on a high-school student and the many trials and tribulations he faces.

From helping a new student become class president to navigating the land of love, all set amidst the backdrop of a quirky family in Idaho - this film quickly became a cult classic.

Jon Heder, the actor who starred as the awkward yet hilarious title character of Napoleon Dynamite, has since come out with an extremely 'dark' pitch for a second film.

The indie comedy quickly climbed the ranks as a cult classic.
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During a recent appearance at Steel City Con in Pittsburgh, one of the largest comic cons in the United States, Heder discussed his own creative vision for a sequel, reports.

"There's no official statement right now," Heder began.

He then asked the crowd at the convention: "Would you want a Napoleon sequel? You don't think it would be ruined?"

While he noted that other old cult film revivals and sequels have not been all too successful, referencing comedies like Dumb and Dumber To and Bad Santa 2, he still 'personally would love to do more Napoleon stuff'.

Heder continued: "In my personal opinion, if there was a Napoleon sequel, it would have to be real time.

"We wouldn't do, 'It's senior year, and it's a bunch of 40-year-olds pretending they're still in high school.'

"If it was coming from me - I don't know how much they're going to listen to me - but prepare yourselves, it's gonna be dark."

"I feel like the future for Napoleon would be a lot more raw and edgy."
Alamy Stock Photo / Paramount Pictures

In a quick pitch, Heder detailed what the future and adulthood could hold for a character like Napoleon Dynamite.

"Part of the charm of Napoleon is the innocence of youth," he explained.

"They're in high school, they don't have any real responsibility or accountability too much, it's all coming of age.

"Napoleon today would be: he's entered the workforce, he's got responsibility, he's paying for maybe one or two alimonies, child support for one of them," the actor added.

Thinking about the other characters who made up the peculiar ensemble in the movie, Heder speculated: "But it's great because it also gives our hero a very low place to start and he's got to win back Deb, maybe, and he's got to save Uncle Rico from prison, and Kip is actually roided-out from cage fighting.

"So Napoleon and Kip are getting there and Kip is tearing people up."

Heder revealed "it's gonna be dark".
Alamy Stock Photo / Paramount Pictures

Fans were quick to share their excitement at the prospect of a sequel.

One Facebook user commented: "If it doesn't involve Uncle Rico finally getting signed to the NFL I don't want it."

"This movie needs to happen," a second wrote.

While a third added: "Wish they could do this!"

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