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Monsters Inc fans convinced new film is on the way after spotting Easter egg in Lightyear

Monsters Inc fans convinced new film is on the way after spotting Easter egg in Lightyear

A TikTok user has sparked theories after pointing out the Easter egg in Lightyear

The Pixar Gods have already blessed us with two Monsters Inc. films, but fans have started to question whether another could be on the way after spotting a potential Easter egg in Lightyear.

Released more than 25 years after we were first introduced to Buzz, Lightyear worked to satiate the needs of many Pixar fans clamouring for the return of familiar faces.

It featured Chris Evans in the role of the Space Ranger, telling the story that inspired his creation as the action figure, but the links with other Pixar films don't stop there and as a result fans think we might see some more characters back in the future.

Check out the connection spotted by one TikToker below:

During a viewing of Lightyear, TikTok user Bizamanic spotted something familiar in the corner of one of the scenes - something that any Monsters Inc. fan will be immediately familiar with.

It was 2001 when we first saw the monsters of Monsters Inc. in action, sneaking into children's bedrooms and attempting to fill up their yellow canisters with the screams they encouraged from the poor, terrified kids.

Apparently the canisters aren't only found in the Monstropolis, though, as Bizamanic pointed out a couple of them on the faraway planet inhabited by the Space Rangers after they crash land during one of their missions.

Given that there's no obvious reason why the Space Rangers would need canisters that contain screams, some fans believe they must have been included in Lightyear as an Easter egg to hint towards another Monsters Inc. film.

The scream canisters used by the monsters have also been spotted in Lightyear.

"Hear me out…. maybe a Easter egg for a new Monsters Inc???," one viewer wrote, while another TikToker, aptly named Mike, commented: "This could mean the next film is another monsters, they’ve done this multiple times to tease their next project in other films."

Though there are millions of people out there who I'm sure would welcome Mike and Sully back with open arms, it's worth noting that Pixar is no stranger to Easer eggs, and they don't always mean there's a new film on the way.

Hardcore fans of the studio may already be aware that the yellow Planet Pizza truck regularly makes an appearance, but there's also a yellow ball with a blue stripe and a red star which can be found in Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Up and Soul, and cross-over appearances including Toy Story's teddy bear Lotso in Up, and a wooden carving of Sully in Brave.

Time will tell whether the canisters do end up leading to another Monsters Inc. movie, but for now it's at least fun to imagine all the ways in which the Lightyear and Monsters Inc. worlds might collide. Maybe Alisha Hawthorne's kids were subject to a few scares over the years?

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