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Miles Teller Says His Top Gun Diet Was Inspired By Wolverine

Miles Teller Says His Top Gun Diet Was Inspired By Wolverine

"You're just eating so much"

Miles Teller has revealed the training regime he followed for his role in Top Gun: Maverick, saying that he tried to emulate Hugh Jackman's physique as Wolverine.

The 35-year-old actor portrays Lieutenant Bradley Bradshaw, one of the latest crop of Top Gun pilots whose call sign Rooster pays homage to his late father and Maverick's friend Nick 'Goose' Bradshaw.

One scene depicts the new crew playing a game of football, a not-so-subtle callback to the original film's iconic volleyball scene.

When asked about how he got into shape for these shots in an interview Joe, Teller opened up about his diet and workout plan.

Miles Teller had to follow a gruelling regime to get in shape for Top Gun: Maverick
Miles Teller had to follow a gruelling regime to get in shape for Top Gun: Maverick

"I have a trainer that I that I've worked with for for a while now, and he's somebody that I just really trust," he said.

"And I had a nutritionist, so I got somebody telling me what to eat, I've got a trainer telling me what I need to do for workouts, he's like, 'I'm gonna be there with you every step of the way.' So really, a lot of it is just showing up."

That being said, this wasn't a 'jog around the park and leafy green salad' kind of job.

Teller explained that he went from 185 pounds to around 210 at nine percent body fat, only to then cut back down to 183 pounds with seven percent body fat for the beach scene.

But for Teller, he said gaining weight was the toughest part, adding: "For breakfast, there was like six eggs and then you work out and then you have a shake.

"And then it was two lunches, each lunch would be chicken breast, a full potato and some broccoli.

Hugh Jackman's training regime for Wolverine was no joke.
Twitter/Hugh Jackman

"Then there would be another snack after that. And I remember for dinner specifically, it was 20 ounces of certain fish or steak. You're just eating so much. That's really what I didn't enjoy."

The star said that when he was trying to get lean he also had to cut down on his water levels, telling the outlet: "You just try and dehydrate yourself as much as possible.

"And then oddly enough, when you're on set that day, when your body's been deprived of sugar and sodium and all these things, you drink a can of Coke and your body gets all that sugar, everything tightens up. And so you get this certain kind of vascular look that looks good on screen."

And here's where Wolverine comes into play – it's no secret Jackman followed a gruelling regime to get ripped for the role.

Speaking on this topic, Teller said: "Everything that Hugh Jackman was doing in Wolverine you try and figure out what that stuff is because that was pretty good."

Well, it appears to have paid off, with Top Gun: Maverick receiving rave reviews from audiences and critics alike.

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Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures/Hugh Jackman/Twitter

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