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Meteorologist speaks out after she collapses live on TV in terrifying moment

Meteorologist speaks out after she collapses live on TV in terrifying moment

Viewers were left horrified after seeing the shocking incident

Viewers were left horrified after seeing a Los Angeles meteorologist collapse to the floor during a live broadcast.

CBS LA meterologist Alissa Carlson Schwartz was about to give the 7am weather update when she suddenly took a funny turn, went pale, and then appeared to attempt to catch herself before eventually tumbling to the ground.

CBS co-anchors Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim at first appeared unaware what had happened but then quickly realised that something had gone wrong.

Medina said: “You know, we're going to go ahead and go to break, right now.”

With Kim agreeing: “Yeah.”

CBS Los Angeles Vice President and News Director Mike Dello Stritto has since confirmed an ambulance was called and Schwartz was rushed to hospital. He did not reveal what had caused the collapse.

In a statement to TMZ, he said: “I want to thank [Schwarz’s] co-workers who took immediate action to comfort Alissa and call 911.

"Alissa is being treated at the hospital right now. Hopefully we’ll know more shortly. In the meantime, Alissa will be in our thoughts and we’re praying for her to be feeling much better soon.”

In a post on Facebook yesterday (March 19) Schwartz said she had been discharged from hospital and thanked her followers for their well-wishes.

Meteorologist Alissa Carlson Schwartz collapsed on live TV.

She wrote: "Thanks for all the kind wishes as I recover from a head injury. I am out of the hospital and doing ok. Lots of sleeping and even some pizza - TY."

In a follow up, she added: “I appreciate all the prayers as I recover. More to come.”

The post has been flooded with messages of support and well-wishes, with one person writing: “Omg just saw the video. Super scary. But Thank God you’re ok. God was definitely watching over you. Continued prayers.”

Another said: “I’m so glad you’re ok. This shows how much you’re loved.”

While someone else commented: “Glad to hear you are recovering well and doing okay! Continuous prayer.”

Schwartz has since told her followers that she’s out of hospital and recovering.
A fourth wrote: “Alissa, prayers for a speedy recovery! Rest and relax.”

This isn’t the first time Schwartz has taken ill during a live broadcast - back in 2014 she threw up while on air and was later diagnosed with a leaky heart valve.

In an update on Facebook, Schwartz said that the latest incident was unrelated to her heart - writing: “Thankfully, it’s not my heart this time. I had over a hundred text messages, and they keep coming so I don’t respond, that’s why.”

Featured Image Credit: KCal News

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