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People are divided over who wins in a fight between Kratos and Hulk
Featured Image Credit: X

People are divided over who wins in a fight between Kratos and Hulk

It has left the internet totally split

Fans have been conflicted as to who would win in a fight between the Incredible Hulk and the God of War.

Have you ever wondered who would win in the hypothetical scenario?

It’s sure doing the rounds on social media, with die-hard fans eagerly putting forward their cases for both sides of the argument.

It goes without saying that Hulk and Kratos are beyond strong, and have faced enormous opponents in multiple movies.

It seems they are pretty evenly matched in terms of strength and stamina, however it’s clear Kratos has a special kind of something that the Hulk doesn’t.

Fans are torn over who would win in a fight.

That being his brilliant tactical mind, and his ability to adapt well under pressure in any fighting situation.

All stats aside, it’s really kicked off on X, formerly Twitter, with fans weighing in on how they think it could play out.

One said: “I’m just saying: in what Universe would anyone believe that Kratos could beat Hulk?!”

Someone replied: “This one… Kratos literally flipped the nine realms, killed Greek gods and the Titans, killed someone with precognition, and killed Thor and his sons.

“It’s been a minute but what has Hulk done that's comparable?”

Another added: “The creators of the Greek saga have said they intended for their gods to be interpreted as the literal version of the real world myths.

“So when Kratos kills the Sisters of Fate he is literally overcoming predetermination.

“He’s at least got a very good chance against Hulk.”

The poll results were pretty clear.

However, some came to Hulk’s defense, championing the opinion that Kratos wouldn’t stand a chance.

One said: “Hulk would beat the s**t outta Kratos, and I'm a GOW fan.

“People think the Hulk is weak now because the MCU and Thanos made him look like a b***h.

“But comics hulk which people don't go to would ‘smash’ Kratos.”

In a poll on Reddit asking who would win in a fight, the results were clear cut.

Kratos received 26 percent of the votes, while The Hulk received 74 percent.

But some people argued it’s totally in the hands of the film writers, as to who would win.

One Redditor commented: “If you want Kratos to win, he’ll win.

“If you want Hulk to win, he’ll win.”

Other people argued that there is a big difference in strength between MCU Hulk, and The Hulk from comics.

Who do you think would win?

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