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Deadpool 3 reveals hilarious cameo fans think is a reference to Ryan Reynolds feud with A-list actor

Deadpool 3 reveals hilarious cameo fans think is a reference to Ryan Reynolds feud with A-list actor

The movie isn't even out yet and it already has us laughing

Deadpool and Wolverine isn’t even out yet, and already the film has fans laughing at the various cameos that seem to be planned.

The Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Marvel film is already confirmed to have Jennifer Garner, Rob McElheney, and a host of returning X-Men movie villains appearing – but eagle-eyed fans have spotted one more.

A recent promotional image released by Total Film, however, has had fans searching in the background for another – and not only do they think they know what it is – they think the cameo is a reference to Reynolds’ feud with an a-list actor.

Here is the picture, so have a look in the background and see if you can figure it out.

Can you see him? No, me neither. (Marvel via Total Film)
Can you see him? No, me neither. (Marvel via Total Film)

If you were able to? You’re a liar or wrong.

In the back right is a man dressed very similarly to a vampire hunting anti-hero by the name of Blade – but not the one most of us know.

When Marvel fans think of Blade, they will either think of the upcoming version with Mahershala Ali or indeed the Wesley Snipes version from the 90s.

But nope – it’s neither of those. Fans are convinced it’s the Spike TV version of Blade from 2006 played by ‘Sticky Fingas’ which I can happily and confidently say 99% of us didn’t know existed till now.

Sticky Fingas as 'Blade'. (Spike)
Sticky Fingas as 'Blade'. (Spike)

Once this was figured out though, Deadpool fans all made the same connection.

Posting the photo on X (formerly known as Twitter) one fan said: “Blade is in Deadpool and Wolverine, But it's the CW Blade, because Ryan Reynolds hates Wesley Snipes”.

Whilst we can’t purport as to whether Reynolds ‘hates’ Snipes, the pair have a strained history, with Reynolds having previously stated that Snipes ‘despised’ him whilst they worked on Blade: Trinity together.

Yes, in case you forgot, the future Deadpool star appeared in the terrible third Blade film – so beset by behind-the-scenes drama that Snipes refused to talk to his co-stars, communicating solely via post-it-notes signed ‘from Blade’.

Reynolds and Snipes in Blade 3. (New Line Cinema)
Reynolds and Snipes in Blade 3. (New Line Cinema)

He said of his time working with Snipes: “There's a moment in the movie where I look up at Jessica and I swear to God, I didn't even know the cameras were rolling anymore and I say, 'He hates me, doesn't he?' And she's like, 'Yeah.'

"I'm just saying this about my relationship as Ryan Reynolds to this guy, and it works. The ad libs are just born of that.

"There's another one where I do a dime store psychoanalysis of him where I say, 'You ever thought about sitting down and talking with someone, getting in touch with your inner child, and also you might want to try blinking once in a while.' He just looks at me like he's gonna turn me into a** pulp."

This was stated by Patton Oswalt, who starred in the film, and was later put to director David S. Goyer – who refused to deny it.

If all that is true – you can imagine why the Spike TV version of the character would be preferable.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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