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Fans think they know who the Deadpool 3 villain is and it's absolutely bizarre
Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Fans think they know who the Deadpool 3 villain is and it's absolutely bizarre

Fans think they've figured out who the Deadpool 3 villain and it's... odd

Fans think they have figured out who the villain is going to be for Deadpool 3 and well… it’s an odd one.

Deadpool and Wolverine is coming out later this year on July 26 – and the first two already get pretty weird.

The Ryan Reynolds Marvel character has done some outrageous things in the first two films, whether it be the various decapitations, torture, or outlandish sex scenes.

But this will definitely top that for weirdness though - if it’s true.

According to Screenrant, it appears that the character Cassandra Nova will be the villain in Deadpool and Wolverine.

Cassandra Nova is the sister of Professor X, and her origins are to put it lightly, f*****g insane.

Cassandra Nova in the comics. (Marvel Comics)
Cassandra Nova in the comics. (Marvel Comics)

Nova was the twin of Charles Xavier, with the pair getting into a fight in their mother’s womb after Xavier ‘senses her evil presence’.

Despite her punching her twin in the face and wrapping the umbilical cord around his neck (no really) he ‘kills her’.

I promise you I am not lying when I say that she then survives as a mass of cells on a sewer wall where, over decades, she built herself a body and goes on to become a super-villain.

Whilst most films would likely skip over such a bizarre origin story – you can be sure that in the case of a Deadpool film, they’ll lean into it.

The news that Nova was set to appear in the film was confirmed by Screenrant after finding a public US Copyright Office filing for Deadpool, Wolverine, and Cassandra Nova.

And this seemingly confirmed existing fan theories that she was set to appear in the film, with the first trailer showing the back of the head of a bald character – with some believing this was her.

"Cassandra" in the trailer for Deadpool 3. (Marvel Studios)
"Cassandra" in the trailer for Deadpool 3. (Marvel Studios)

One fan on X (formerly known as Twitter) said: “Since it’s confirmed that Xavier’s twin Cassandra Nova is the villain of Deadpool 3 I DEMAND that we get this scene”, posting a picture of Xavier and Nova fighting inside the womb.

Emma Corrin, known for The Crown and A Murder at End of the World, is set to play the role - at least according to the copyright filing.

Corrin had previously spoken about their excitement about playing a villain in the movie, telling Empire: "I feel really excited to play a villain.

"I haven’t done that, and it’s an itch I want to scratch."

The copyright listing also includes details for Jennifer Garner’s Elektra, with Garner already rumoured to return to the role she played in the critically panned Daredevil spinoff film from 2005.

Honestly, we can't decide what's weirder between Garner returning or Cassandra Nova... no no it definitely's still Cassandra Nova.

UNILAD has contacted Marvel for comment.

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