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Marvel Fans Convinced Tom Hardy Just Confirmed A Venom And Spider-Man Film

Marvel Fans Convinced Tom Hardy Just Confirmed A Venom And Spider-Man Film

It could be time for Venom and Spider-Man to meet

Fans of the Marvel films are about to get really excited as they are convinced there could be a crossover for Spider-Man and Venom.

It's not yet been officially confirmed by Sony or Marvel, but eagle-eyed fans think they've spotted a firm clue from Venom actor Tom Hardy.

The cryptic clue came from Hardy after he leaked what seemed to be the cover page of the Venom 3 script. Scrawled on the front page was a doodle which fans believe confirmed that Spider-Man could well feature in the third Venom movie.

Fans think Venom could be set for a crossover with Spider-Man.

The front typed page features story credits to Hardy and Kelly Marcel, but it's the doodled logo that has set the rumour mill in motion.

At the top of the page a scribbled image of Venom features with its recognisable dark face but with one key difference. A long red tongue that appears to loop into an 'S' has sent fans wild as they wonder if it hints that Spider-Man could feature.

Hardy hasn't allowed comments on the post and with no caption it's got fans desperate to hear if the rumours are true.

One keen fan took to Twitter as they hoped the rumours were true: "Tom Hardy just posted the Venom 3 script’s cover page, so fingers crossed we’re going to see his Venom vs. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man sooner than later!!"

Another fan was in agreement: "Spiderman No Way Home - Tom Hardy's Venom is either from the Garfield universe or there could be a 4th Spiderman somewhere else."

"I’m sorry but a Venom trilogy without Spider-Man is nuts,” said another.

A fourth added: "If there is no spiderman in venom 3, then I ain't watching it".

Fans are also calling for actor Andrew Garfield to step back into his Spider-Man costume to play the part, with one fan tweeting: "Ok but for real, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man vs Tom Hardy’s Venom please. "

Hardy has been the lead star in the Venom films since the first one hit cinemas in 2018 and plays investigative journalist Eddie Brock, who shares a body with the hungry long-tongued alien that causes havoc for Brock in his daily life.

Last year saw the sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, released, with production company Sony confirming that a third film would follow.

As well as Venom 3, Sony also has a number of Spider-Man universe films in production, including Spider-Man: Across the Spider-VerseMadame Web, and El Muerto.

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