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Fans beg Kelly Clarkson to save cancelled Netflix series Warrior Nun after she helped save a different show

Fans beg Kelly Clarkson to save cancelled Netflix series Warrior Nun after she helped save a different show

Kelly, I have seen what you've done for others...

Netflix fans were absolutely devastated to learn that drama series Warrior Nun had been cancelled, but they believe there's still one person who can save it — Kelly Clarkson.

Whether you've been with her since she appeared on season one of American Idol, or you've only jumped on the bandwagon since she got her own talk show, one thing is for certain — everyone loves Kelly. And that sort of influence comes with serious power.

You see, back in 2019, it looked like all hope was lost for a different drama series, Lucifer.

Netflix had confirmed that the show was going to end after its fifth season and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Fans were heartbroken, distraught, hysterical.

Enter Kelly Clarkson.

Warrior Nun fans are begging Kelly for help.

Kelly, a Lucifer fan herself, joined the #SaveLucifer movement, and took to social media to call out Netflix for cancelling shows too soon.

"It took me forever to catch on to this show because I have four children and a lot of jobs and a lot going on," she said in an Instagram video addressed to Netflix.

"So I never got to, and then I started watching it and I obsessively watched three seasons in like four days. My husband is so over it, probably, but I love it.

"The show is called Lucifer and I'm so mad because I just found out [it's ending after season five]."

She continued: "Netflix, what do we need to do to make sure there's more seasons than just season five?... I get on a show late in the game and it's amazing and then people end up going, 'Oh, it's over, and it's cancelled.' I'm like, 'Why?' and I'm mad about it."

And, what do you know? A year later, Netflix renewed Lucifer for a sixth and final season.

Kelly was part of the #SaveLucifer campaign.
PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Of course, Kelly was just one voice in a far bigger #SaveLucifer campaign, but now Warrior Nun fans are convinced that she might just be able to do the same for them.

The YA fantasy drama, starring Alba Baptista and Kristina Tonteri-Young, was cancelled after two seasons, leaving a lot of storylines unfinished, and many fans up in arms.

Although it's not unlike Netflix to cancel a show prematurely, Warrior Nun was a different story.

For one thing, according to Rotten Tomatoes, Warrior Nun's season two is the highest-scored season of a show in Netflix history.

Despite an audience score of 99% and a critic rating of 100%, the series just didn't do well enough to justify the cost of all those visual effects.

But fans of the series are relentless, spamming every Netflix social media post with #SaveWarriorNun pleas and lobbying other streaming services to offer the show a new home - and now focusing their attention on Kelly Clarkson.

Can Kelly save Warrior Nun?

"Hey @kellyclarkson," wrote one fan, "Wanna interview the cast of this amazing show? We need your help saving it!"

A second more urgently tweeted: "I am begging you to take a look at this masterpiece please KELLY SAVE OUR NUNS."

And a third begged: "@kellyclarkson you helped to save Lucifer so pls pls pls help us to save Warrior Nun now. This show is so important for so many reasons!! #SaveWarriorNun KELLY SAVE OUR NUNS."

They're just a few of the thousands of tweets directed at the 'Since U Been Gone' singer this week.

Let's see if Kelly can work her magic one more time.

Featured Image Credit: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo / Netflix

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