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Jennifer Lawrence's breakout role was in 'haunting' movie with near perfect Rotten Tomatoes score

Jennifer Lawrence's breakout role was in 'haunting' movie with near perfect Rotten Tomatoes score

Before she was a star, Jennifer Lawrence's breakout role was in an incredible film

Jennifer Lawrence is now a household name, and one of the most beloved actors alive.

Whether it be Silver Linings Playbook, No Hard Feelings, the Hunger Games films, or more out there movies such as Mother! or Don’t Look Up – she rarely seems to miss.

Back when she was an unknown actor though, Lawrence’s breakthrough film was a classic that got four Oscar nominations, including one for her.

Lawrence in the film. (Roadside Attractions)
Lawrence in the film. (Roadside Attractions)

The film in question is 2010’s Winter’s Bone, and features Lawrence in the lead role of a feature film for the first ever time in her career.

The actor had appeared in Garden Party prior to this in a small role, but Winter’s Bone was her first time front and centre.

Her performance was a star-making one – as she received an Oscar nomination, making her the second youngest nominee for Best Actress ever at the time.

Winter’s Bone focuses on Lawrence’s Ree Dolly, and is based on an acclaimed novel of the same name.

The story follows her journey to protect her family and find her father, and is an engrossing and emotional ride.

Here’s the trailer for the film, which has a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score:

The Oscar nomination should have come as no surprise to Lawrence, with the film – and her performance in particular – receiving widespread praise from critics.

With a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics were in agreement almost universally on it being an instant classic.

The late great Roger Ebert gave the film a perfect four out of four – and singled out Jennifer Lawrence for praise.

He said: “There is a hazard of caricature here. Granik avoids it. Her film doesn't live above these people, but among them.

“Ree is played by Jennifer Lawrence, a 19-year-old newcomer.

“Lawrence embodies a fierce, still center that is the source of her heroism.”

Justin Chang wrote about the film for Variety, where he said:

“Following its brave heroine (an outstanding Jennifer Lawrence) as she seeks to uncover the truth behind her father's disappearance, the film employs the structure of a whodunit to take a tough, unflinching look at an impoverished Ozarks community.”

Jennifer Lawrence is now a star. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lawrence is now a star. (Getty Images)

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The film is beloved, but almost didn’t star Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role.

Before she took up the role of Ree, learning how to skin squirrels, chop wood, and fight, Lawrence almost missed out on the part.

Speaking in the past, Lawrence has said that she initially missed out on the part for being considered ‘too pretty’ by the director.

To convince her otherwise, Lawrence then ‘hopped on a red-eye to New York, walked 13 blocks in the snow, and showed up to the audition with a runny nose and hair she hadn’t washed in a week'.

Well thank god she did, or we may never have got her career of incredible films!

Winter’s Bone is available to watch on Prime Video and members can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images / Roadside Attractions

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