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Jennifer Lawrence 'didn't think for a second' when asked to do nude fight scene in No Hard Feelings
Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Jennifer Lawrence 'didn't think for a second' when asked to do nude fight scene in No Hard Feelings

While some actors might find it too awkward, J-Law was happy to strip down in the 'hilarious' scene

Everyone knows Jennifer Lawrence is an absolute pro at what she does, but that doesn't mean there aren't things about her job that she finds awkward.

In fact, there's always going to be some scenes that any actor would find awkward, whether it's intimacy or even nudity.

When it came to the latter, however, J-Law has revealed she didn't even think twice when it came to agreeing to a nude scene in her new blockbuster No Hard Feelings, despite repeatedly being asked by family if she was sure.

For those who haven't yet seen the comedy, we're about to cover a couple of spoilers, so look away now if you don't want to know.

In the film, Lawrence plays a 32-year-old Uber driver in the Hamptons who finds herself out of work when her car is repossessed for unpaid property taxes.

To earn a bit of cash, her character Maddie ends up responding to a Craigslist ad from a wealthy couple offering a car to a woman who will date their socially awkward 19-year-old son before he heads off to college.

In one particular scene, Maddie and the teen are skinny dipping when someone steals their clothes, which leads to J-Law's character getting into a full-blown fight - while naked.

Lawrence had no hesitation about the nude scene.
Sony Pictures

Speaking about whether she had any hesitations on the scene, she told Variety: "Everyone in my life and my team is doing the right thing and going, 'Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?'

"I didn’t even have a second thought. It was hilarious to me."

The comedy is filled to the brim with hilarious-yet-raunchy moments, but despite being very sexually charged, Jennifer's co-star, Andrew Feldman, said every scene felt incredibly safe to film.

"Every situation that these characters end up in, you’re laughing your butt off," he said.

"We became so close instantly that nothing ever felt weird or unsafe. It was entirely professional."

The pair had great chemistry from the beginning.
Sony Pictures

Luckily for both actors, the chemistry was there immediately, with both Feldman and Lawrence agreeing they had 'clicked' right away.

He said: "On Day One, we were telling each other our deepest darkest secrets and it only got deeper from there."

No Hard Feelings has received mixed reviews since its theatre release and currently has a score of 68% on Rotten Tomatoes, having climbed from 61% earlier in the week.

Despite mixed reviews, the movie did make an impressive $6.25 million at the box office on opening night.

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