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Jenna Ortega says she finds horror films 'therapeutic'

Rachel Lang

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Jenna Ortega says she finds horror films 'therapeutic'

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega has revealed what it is like making a horror movie, and the answer is not as grim as you'd expect.

The 20-year-old star sat down for an interview with Jimmy Fallon and let some behind-the-scenes truths spill.

"I love horror films, I don’t know what it is about having blood thrown on your face and running around screaming bloody murder," Ortega said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


"It really is so therapeutic, so much fun."

Jenna claimed that the people working behind the camera tend to love the horror genre, too.

But it's not just Ortega that loves it.

"Everyone who works on horror sets loves horror. People do special effects because they grew up loving gore," the Wednesday actor said.


But, even though they might be portraying some pretty chilling themes, Ortega said it is a totally different vibe on set.

"The best part about the Scream films is [that] it’s really such a great community," she told Fallon.

"The cast and crew they’re my family and we can never take anything seriously. So, Ghostface could literally be in the of their monologue, and we’re having to restart because we’re all laughing so hard.


"It’s a mess."

She added: "In the fifth [Scream film], I was, like, army crawling in the hospital and I would just I would hide my face because I was laughing into my hands."

Ortega's career has skyrocketed to international stardom thanks to Wednesday - Netflix's Addams Family reboot.

Jenna Ortega's character in the show is known for being dark, morbid, and devoid of any glee or happiness.


So, considering her own description of how it goes down on a horror set, it is incredible to think she managed to keep a straight face while filming scenes with Thing.

The character, a disembodied hand, was actually just a regular, old human hand attached to a normal actor's body.

But the funny part? What the actor had to wear so he could be green screened out of the scene.


Except it wasn't green.

Thing actor Victor Dorobantu had to wear a head-to-toe blue morph suit for the gig, of course, with the exception of his mighty mitts.

It must have been hard not dying from laughter, so serious props to Ortega for that one.

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Rachel Lang
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