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Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers address relationship of their characters in Wednesday

Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers address relationship of their characters in Wednesday

The two actors play roommates in Netflix's Addams Family series

Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers have addressed the relationship of their characters in Wednesday after fans became obsessed with the two roommates.

It's a known saying that opposites attract, and ultimate goth girl Wednesday Addams and excited, colourful Enid Sinclair are about as opposite as you can get.

Their differences are reflected in their hair, their clothes, and even their interior design choices, yet still the pair become friends over the course of Netflix's series after Wednesday finds herself shipped off to Nevermore Academy.

They bond over competition and mystery, becoming comrades as they face up against evils both inside and outside Nevermore, and their relationship is so beloved by fans that some speculated they could be more than friends.

"No but Enid would be such a supportive and respectful girlfriend to Wednesday," one fan wrote on Twitter, adding: "Like she is attentive, she knows what Wednesday likes and doesn't like and always tries to be respectful about her boundaries (unlike some other fellas we've seen) like they are just made for each other."

After numerous other similar tweets began to pop up, the stars themselves addressed the matter of Wednesday and Enid's relationship.

Enid and Wednesday are polar opposites in the Netflix series.

Speaking to the publication Pride, Ortega, who plays Wednesday, said: "In a perfect world, we would have been a thing."

Myers laughed when she heard about her co-star's response, and quoted an old viral Vine which has become a popular LGBTQ+ meme as she responded: "I always say, 'And they were roommates!'"

Myers opened up further about the connection between Wednesday and Enid during an interview with Elite Daily, saying she and Ortega regularly joked about a romance while filming the first season.

She mentioned the Vine again, saying: “You know what I always say: 'And they were roommates'. Jenna and I would say that all the time to each other. And that’s all that needs to be said — I think that gets the message across.”

Though the relationship might not have developed as some fans hoped, Myers is keen to see more of the friendship between Enid and Wednesday in the future.

"In a perfect world, we would have been a thing."

She expressed belief there is an 'open door for a Season 2' of the show, saying: "I would honestly love to see Enid join Wednesday on her investigations more. Enid needs to gain some confidence.

"And I feel like going out with Wednesday and figuring out murder mysteries would really help her. I would like to see her be some sort of detective.”

#Wenclair might have to continue living only online for now, but who knows what the future holds.

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