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The Haunting of Hill House is being praised for having the best jump scare of all time

The Haunting of Hill House is being praised for having the best jump scare of all time

Viewers had no idea the terrifying scare was coming

Netflix's horror series The Haunting of Hill House is being praised - or berated, depending on whether you actually like being terrified - for having the best jump-scare of all time.

The series might have arrived a few years ago now, but the fact people still talk about its ability to make their souls leave their body goes to prove just how memorable its horror really is.

Want to see if you can handle it? See the scare below:

The Haunting of Hill House sees a fractured family return to their home and confront their haunted past, with You star Victoria Pedretti taking on the role of Nell, one of Hugh and Olivia Crain's five children who soon meets her demise.

The series incites fear among viewers almost as soon as you hit play on Netflix, but it continues to build to what many people have deemed the climax in the eighth episode.

It comes as two of the siblings, Shirley and Theo, are driving along in a car at night bickering while trying to get to their brother Luke.

The pair are thought to be alone in the dark car, but all of a sudden the face of Nell's ghost bursts between the seats to scream at her sisters; a move which not only causes Theo to crash, but caused viewers across the globe to s**t themselves.

After watching the terrifying scene, one 41-year-old viewer admitted it made them 'scream out loud'.

Fans have praised the jump scare as the best of all time.

The viewer went on to praise the way the scare came out of nowhere, saying: "Thing about jump scares is most of the time you can tell around when it's gonna happen so you can brace yourself. This gave no hint and it got me so bad I screamed and turned a little away while throwing up my arms in front of my face.

"I've never reacted like that to a movie or anything in my life lol. WTF?! Holy s**t is this an all time great jump scare or was it just one for me?"

Another viewer agreed it was a top-notch scare, writing: "The car jump scare in Haunting of Hill House I would vote is still one of the best jump scares ever."

The success of the series prompted Netflix to follow it with The Haunting of Bly Manor, in which Pedretti returned to play a new character, a nanny for a different - but equally haunted - family.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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