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People saying they’ll never be able to unsee ‘outrageous’ Happy Feet scene

People saying they’ll never be able to unsee ‘outrageous’ Happy Feet scene

People cannot unsee this one innocent Happy Feet scene after it was reposted on social media

As kids, there would be plenty of scenes that went straight over our heads. But when you understand 'the birds and the bees', those innocent scenes take on a very different meaning.

One such example is childhood favourite Happy Feet, with people admitting they can't look at it in the same way again.

One particular scene has resurfaced on Instagram by barrysbanterbus, posted along with the caption: "Harry Feet writers really put these penguins in every position possible."

Prepare to be scarred:

It shows two of the main characters in the film - Mumble and Gloria - sliding all over the ice, while essentially being on top of each other.

Many fans have questioned whether this scene was an innocent script by the producers, or if they knew what they were doing all along.

Regardless, many are saying they cannot 'unsee' this once innocent scene anymore, as they are now seeing sex positions instead of two penguins characters slipping on ice.

The footage has ruined childhood for some fans.
Warner Bros.

Fans of the film have been reacting to the outrageous clip in the comments.

One said: "Never even noticed until today."

A second added: "They knew what they were doing."

A third jokingly said: "Will never look at this the same again."

Meanwhile, a fourth simply wrote: "This is actually outrageous."

The first Happy Feet was released in the UK in December 2006 - wow, that does makes us feel old.

The Warner Bros. film was a great success, bagging the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and BAFTA Award for Best Animated Film, just to name a few.

WB released a sequel - Harry Feet Two five years later in 2011.

Fans have been reacting to the one innocent footage.
Warner Bros.

It is fair to say adult jokes are quite common in kids films, which has often given a chuckle to parents when sitting down for the evening with their children for a movie night.

Toy Story is an obvious one that comes to mind and is filled with subtle adult jokes.

One such scene is when Buzz Lightyear's infamous wings pop out when cowgirl Jessie is in action with her acrobatic acumen to get a door open.

For the adults, I think we know what film producers were implying with this one..

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Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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