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Rachel Bilson lost job after saying she likes to be 'man handled' in the bedroom

Rachel Bilson lost job after saying she likes to be 'man handled' in the bedroom

Despite her being 41 years old, studio execs didn't take kindly to Rachel Bilson discussing her sex life on a recent podcast.

Rachel Bilson has revealed she lost a job after speaking about how she likes to be 'manhandled' in the bedroom. (Yes, really)

While everyone is entitled to a private life, it seems execs were unimpressed with Bilson talking about it publicly and allegedly sacked her following her comments.

The OC star even said that she ‘didn’t even have a chance to defend’ herself before the decision was made.

Rachel Bilson spoke about the incident during a podcast.

The 41-year-old made headlines earlier this month after appearing on the Women On Top podcast with Tammin Sursok and Roxy Manning.

While light-hearted, the show explores the often, um, less fun aspects of being a woman including navigating work/life balance, motherhood and sex.

She also made several jokes about wanting to be ‘f**king manhandled’ in the bedroom, as well as speaking about various positions.

Bilson had also previously spoke about her struggles in the bedroom and how she was unable to orgasm until she was 38

on her Board Ideas podcast

Though the comment are no different to a conversation most of us would have with our besties, Bilson claims she was quickly dismissed after her appearance on Women On Top and that it had ‘been an interesting week’.

The OC actor was later fired from her upcoming job.

On the latest episode of her podcast, the actor revealed that her prospective boss was less than enthusiastic about the attention she’d received after making such comments.

“It's been an interesting week guys,” she joked, telling listeners: “This is the first time it's ever happened to me in my professional life that I lost a job this week because of things that were said.

“A job got taken away from me because I was speaking candidly and openly about sex in a humorous way on our friend's podcast. It was spun and put out as these clickbait headlines.

“I basically got a job, that I already had, pulled from me because I was speaking openly about sex.”

She continued, pointedly stating: “In this day and age, I’m baffled. A single mom, a woman, lost a job because they were being candid and honest and the subject was sex.”

Bilson then discussed the sacking on her own podcast.

Though Bilson hasn’t revealed who was behind the sudden sacking, she did hint at the production company labelling them as ‘conservative’.

“I didn’t even have a chance to defend myself,” she then confessed: “I feel like it’s discrimination. I was floored. I cried.”

Despite losing the job, the Hart of Dixie star stuck to her guns and said she had no regrets.

“I haven't said anything inappropriate,” she vented. “If I could go back, now knowing I lost a job, maybe I would say it differently. But I still wouldn't not say it.”

While she might have lost the gig, it’s unlikely she’ll be leaving the small screen any time soon.

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