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James Gunn confirms fan theory is true about Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3's most wholesome moment
Featured Image Credit: Marvel

James Gunn confirms fan theory is true about Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3's most wholesome moment

Fans are thanking Gunn for including the emotional scene at the end of the film

Warning: This article contains spoilers

James Gunn has confirmed a viral fan theory about the most wholesome moment in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3.

The director and writer’s final Guardians of the Galaxy film was released this week and it has gone down extremely well with critics and Marvel fans alike.

In what is a satisfying albeit sad goodbye to the beloved characters - at least for now - fans get a moment of closure for Groot fanatics, so basically all of us.

Throughout the MCU, the only time Groot talks is to say his trademark phase: “I am Groot”. However, the characters are so familiar with him that they understand what he’s really trying to say.

Well, everyone except Gamora, because as we all know she’s the other Gamora who hasn’t had the pleasure of spending much time with the extra-terrestrial tree-like creature.

The end of the film marks a very beautiful moment for Groot when Gamora hears what he actually means.

Viewers were left in tears after Groot's final line.

Soon after, the heroes are chatting and we hear Groot say: “I love you guys,” instead of his usual catchphrase, not because he has actually said something different, but because we the audience are now close buddies with the Guardians and can understand him, too.

What a heartwarming way to end the Guardians trilogy!

Just in case there were any questions about whether fans had the wrong idea about the scene, one viewer asked Gunn about the emotional Groot moment and he confirmed it.

“I really need this to be true,” the fan asked.

Gunn, who is now co-chairman and co-CEO of DC Studies, replied: “Spoiler…. Yes that’s exactly what it means.”

Fans responded by emotional tweets about the scene and the end of the trilogy.

James Gunn confirmed the fan theory.

“I will never be able to thank you enough for delivering the story of the Guardians to us,” one fan replied along with a GIF of Groot. “The amount of care, passion and love you all put into these characters touched me in ways I couldn't even imagine. And it's details like this that just enhance the experience. Thank you.”

Fans have shared their thoughts on the beautiful moment.

A second Guardians fan tweeted: “Oh sweet baby Jesus. That’s beautiful.”

A third gushed: “I’m glad I interpreted it like that. Thanks for that moment. It was a very special film. In my cinema, people danced in the credits.”

While another emotional fan shared: “This is one of the moments that made me cry the most, I couldn’t stop sobbing. I’m glad you confirmed this because it makes it even more special now, thank you.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is out in cinemas now.

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