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Goofy is not a dog, confirms Disney voice actor

Goofy is not a dog, confirms Disney voice actor

The voice actor of the iconic Disney cartoon character Goofy has spoken out about whether or not he's a dog

The voice actor of iconic Disney cartoon character Goofy has spoken out about whether or not he's a dog.

Those were the good old days, when you'd naturally spring out of bed at 6:00am to toddle downstairs in your pyjamas to watch some Mickey Mouse, hours to spare before you needed to go to school for a stressful day of playing on the slide with your fellow six-year-old friends.

With little else to worry about at the ripe old age of six, as I watched Mickey Mouse and his friends, the one big question which troubled my tiny mind was whether or not Goofy is a dog.

It's a question which has weighed on the minds of many Disney fans for years.

Thankfully, Bill Farmer - the 'official voice' of Goofy from 1987 - has come to the rescue and addressed what the anthropomorphic character is actually meant to be.

Many Disney fans have been left stumped by whether or not Goofy is a dog.
Art of Drawing/ Alamy Stock Photo

While Goofy first started off as a character named 'Dippy Dawg,' when you compare him to Pluto - Mickey's pet - he doesn't really appear to be very dog-like.

Not only does Goofy walk on two legs compared to Pluto who walks on all fours, but his facial features aren't super canine either.

There's even been speculation online as to whether or not Goofy's another animal entirely because of his romantic interest in a character named Clarabelle Cow, with one Twitter user questioning: "The people have been debating for years & years… Is goofy a dog or a cow?"

Disney fans have taken to Twitter to try and figure out if Goofy is really a dog or not.
@PettyRuxpin83/ Twitter

Farmer has since revealed the answer to our burning question, confirming to Yahoo! News, Goofy is actually 'not a dog' at all.

Farmer explained: "Pluto is a dog, but Goofy seems to be in the canine family in the same way that a wolf is not a dog, but they also are in the canine family.

"I think Canis Goofus is the technical Latin term for what Goofy is. He’s just Goofy."



Despite auditioning with a 'pretty good' voice for Mickey Mouse - having moved to Los Angeles after being a 'stand-up comic impressionist for about five years' - Farmer was chosen by Disney to voiceover not only Goofy, but Pluto too.

However, Goofy has always been Farmer's 'favourite Disney character'.

Bill Farmer revealed Goofy isn't a dog.

Whatever people think Goofy is, Farmer reflected on the recording of two songs in A Goofy Movie (1995) as giving a greater insight into the beloved character.

He said: "I got the sense that this is a little more heart, a little bit more of an intimate portrayal of what Goofy is like inside than we’d ever done before."

UNILAD has contacted Disney for comment.

Featured Image Credit: AJ Pics / Alamy

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