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Gen V has been renewed for a second season with Prime Video
Featured Image Credit: Prime Video

Gen V has been renewed for a second season with Prime Video

Looks like we're getting another semester at Godolkin University.

Prime Video's The Boys spinoff, Gen V, has been renewed for a second season.

Just as the show prepares to air its season finale, the cast and crew have been given the best news possible.

The streaming service wants the good times to keep rolling and dive deeper into Godolkin University.

The first instalment focuses on the death of superhero Golden Boy and his mysterious younger brother.

A team of student supes come together, combine their powers, and take on the forces that are keeping secrets from everyone.

While The Boys had some pretty regular superhero powers like super strength, laser eyes, and being very fast, Gen V expanded the idea.

The students have very different abilities, with one being able to control blood, another their size but only through how much they ate or purged, or even controlling someone's emotions and intentions.

Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, said in a statement: "Expanding the universe of The Boys with a series as bold as Gen V has been an incredible journey for us and our wonderful partners at Sony.

“From our first conversation with showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, along with Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg, and Seth Rogen, we knew Gen V would push the boundaries.

"Their unapologetic approach is exactly what audiences love, and it has helped Gen V become the No. 1 series on Prime Video in over 130 countries.

"Gen V is Prime Video’s most acquisitive new Original series of 2023, and we’re excited that our incredible cast and crew are going to continue telling brave and bold stories from Gen V to our customers.”

Not only did the show go to number one, but it also gave The Boys a run for its money.

Fans are loving Gen V.
Prime Video

The spinoff makes several references to characters and plot from the legendary original show, but fans thought this fresh look at a world controlled by Vought could even be better than its parent.

"I thought The Boys was sick but Gen V just upped it to a new level," one fan penned on X/Twitter.

Legendary video game developer and filmmaker Hideo Kojima wrote: "I love THE BOYS, so I watched an episode of its spin-off, GEN V. Is it a superhero school? A super power school Z or a Euphoria version of a super power?"

"I was expecting something a little different, but it's a direct school version of THE BOYS! They've gone all out!

"Blood, guts, and youth are all over the place! I was very satisfied! Oh, this is great."

There's no word on when we will get to see the second season.

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