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Fans are excited about Joaquin Phoenix starring in a gay romance film despite him being straight

Fans are excited about Joaquin Phoenix starring in a gay romance film despite him being straight

It will be the 'first time the actor will play a gay role' and supporters reckon he will nail it.

Fans are excited for Joaquin Phoenix to star in Todd Haynes' film centering around a gay romance.

The Joker actor is set to star in the Poison filmmaker's next project that could start filming next year.

The director told Les Inrockuptibles during Cannes Film Festival: “There’s another movie I want to do in early 2024.

"It’s a project that Joaquin Phoenix brought to me, and it’s set in the 1930s.

"A love story between two men based on an original, very audacious scenario. This is, I believe, his first gay role. I am very excited about this project,”

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Once news broke the internet, fans were elated.

One Twitter user wrote: "His my own private Idaho slay."

Another said: "Okaaayyy!!! You have my attention."

A third commented: "Another Oscar nom incoming."

While another shared: "HELL TF YEAH I WILL BE WATCHING."

Not much else about the film is known, however the support for Phoenix playing in the film flies in the face of calls for only LGBTQIA+ actors to play LGBTQIA+ roles.

Recently, Phoenix made headlines for his most recent film Beau Is Afraid, where he plays a man who is deeply paranoid and anxiety-ridden on an epic journey to get home to his overbearing mother, Mona (Patti LuPone).


He has admitted that the movie is a 'bit weird', as it sees Beau travel through his worst fears while confronting his past, present, and future self.

He also issued a warning to audience goers about viewing the film in the best way possible - and it doesn't include psychedelics.

“I was told from someone in college that there was this college thread amongst friends, a challenge they were going to take mushrooms and go see this movie," he said during a recent conversation at a theatre in New York City.

"And I just wanted to make a public service announcement and say, do not take mushrooms and go see this f**king movie.”

However, Phoenix immediately joked and added: "But if you do it, film yourself. But don’t do it!"

He recently told Mashable the role is one of his most challenging projects to date.

In the interview, during a particularly tumultuous scene, Phoenix recalled how he spent two days screaming at a green screen.

"I'm alone [in the scene], surrounded by green screen with a couple of guys in wetsuits rocking the boat, listening to an audio recording the actors had recorded during the shoot the previous night, and having to react to all of that," he said.

He added: "That was very difficult."

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