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Fan-made live-action Family Guy movie poster has left people absolutely shocked

Fan-made live-action Family Guy movie poster has left people absolutely shocked

Viewers are now calling on Seth MacFarlane to make it happen.

A fan-made movie poster for a live-action Family Guy film has left people blown away.

Someone who clearly knows Peter Griffin's family well has come up with a list of actors who could accurately portray each character.

Not only that, but they've used their Photoshop skills in the best way possible to construct a poster that would adorn cinemas and billboards around town if a movie was ever made.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop star Kevin James has been suggested to play Peter Griffin.

Ozark's Laura Linney was put forward to play Lois, Modern Family's Ariel Winter has been cast as Meg and Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo would take on Chris.

Show creator Seth MacFarlane would stay on as the voice of talking dog Brian and likely as Stewie as well.

Barry actor Bill Hader has been selected for Quagmire, Brooklyn 99's Pontiac Bandit Craig Robinson would play Cleveland, and finally Family Guy voice actor and live-action actor Patrick Warburton would portray Joe.

One person reacting to the poster said on Reddit: "Your effort is impeccable, you killed it! But Stewie will forever haunt me though with a face like that."

To be fair, it would be difficult to get a live-action Stewie character considering his head is shaped like a football.

Another added: "You, sir or madam, are an absolute genius. This is beyond perfect. Please accept and enjoy this free award… you’ve earned it!!!"


Others suggested Isla Fischer could also play matriarch Lois, but many thought Laura Linney was spot on.

The poster's creator revealed who they thought was the most difficult character to replicate in real life.

Responding to a comment, they said: "Chris was a tough one. I was thinking Jonah Hill but he’s too old. Also the dude that played Rowley in Diary of a Wimpy Kid might’ve been good."

Many are now calling on Seth MacFarlane to make this happen as it would be pretty epic to see on the big screen.

The Simpsons and South Park have both found success by heading to the big screen, however neither were live-action.

Family Guy has done a feature-length film in the past that focused on Stewie.

But only time will tell if they ever manage to get a project like this live-action one off the ground.

At least Hollywood knows regular folk are salivating at the idea of these characters being brought to life by certain actors.

Featured Image Credit: Fox. u/mindtraveIIer/Reddit

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