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Dodgeball 2 officially in the works with Vince Vaughn set to return to the sequel

Dodgeball 2 officially in the works with Vince Vaughn set to return to the sequel

Vaughn and Ben Stiller starred in the original comedy in 2004

I hope you've got your sweatbands ready, because Dodgeball 2 is officially in the works.

Will we see as many tight, colourful and shiny outfits as we did on Ben Stiller in the first instalment? Only time will tell, but we can certainly keep our fingers crossed.

We were first introduced to the 'True Underdog Story' of Dodgeball in 2004, when Vince Vaughn's character Pete LaFleur led his rag-tag team of misfits in a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament to try and save LaFleur's local gym from being taken over by a fitness chain run by Stiller.

The group faced some pretty serious competition - Stiller and his aforementioned shiny outfits being one of them - but their story captured the hearts of viewers and earned it some good ratings, sitting at more than 70 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Both Vaughn and Stiller have obviously gone on to star in a number of huge movies since then, but the Dodgeball story isn't over yet as a sequel is now early development at 20th Century Studios.

Vaughn and Stiller starred in the original Dodgeball.
Twentieth Century Fox

Jordan VanDina is taking over from original writer Rawson Marshall Thurber for the sequel, and while a director has not yet been confirmed it's believed Vaughn will be making a comeback to star.

There's no word on whether he'll be joined by any other of the original cast members, but there are certainly a lot of stars to choose from if they decide to get the band back together.

As well as Stiller, the original featured the likes of Christine Taylor, Justin Long, Stephen Root, Alan Tudyk, Joel David Moore, Chris Williams, Missi Pyle, Gary Cole, Jason Bateman and William Shatner, to name a few.

The script for the follow-up is based on an idea from Vaughn, according to Deadline, and is set to continue LaFleur's story - only this time he's a (spoiler alert) prize-winning gym owner.

The Wedding Crashers star has previously spoken about a potential sequel in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, when he explained that he 'had an idea that was fun and the studio likes it'.

It's believed Vaughn will be making a comeback.
Twentieth Century Fox

"So we'll see where it goes," Vaughn said. "I think Ben is open to doing it, I think he's in the same boat as me actually which is if it's a really fun and great idea then that's fun, but if it's just something to go do it again then why? You would just want to make sure going into Dodgeball that it feels like a nice continuation and a story that could stand on its own."

It will likely be a while before we get to see the games begin, but hopefully it will be worth the wait. It has been nearly 20 years, after all.

UNILAD has contacted representatives for Vaughn for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Photo 12 / Alamy / 20th Century Fox

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