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New Deadpool 3 footage reveals ‘crazy’ returning character from X-Men films

New Deadpool 3 footage reveals ‘crazy’ returning character from X-Men films

Deadpool 3 footage has revealed a crazy returning character

Another week, another crazy reveal from Deadpool and Wolverine promotional material.

The Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman film feels like the biggest Marvel project to be released since Spider-Man: No Way Home – and is living up to that billing with constant crazy reveals and cameos.

In a newly released promotional teaser for the film, which comes out in under a month, it revealed a character making a return after almost 25 years.

The promo focuses mostly on Jackman’s return as Wolverine; however, it ends with the reveal that he will be facing off against an old nemesis.

Watch the promo video here:

For those who haven’t been on board the Marvel train since 2000, number 1 – rectify that and go watch the first X-Men trilogy, number 2 – that is the original actor who played long-time Wolverine enemy Sabretooth.

The trailer showed the pair as they prepared to face off once again, with Deadpool giving Wolverine a pep talk before his upcoming fight.

One fan replied on Twitter saying: “Bro this is so sick”, whilst another said: “This is crazy!”

Another replied to Jackman’s post of the video saying: “Ok seeing OG Sabretooth and Wolverine about to fight just reminded me of my childhood watching the first X-Men.”

Sabretooth is back (Marvel)
Sabretooth is back (Marvel)

A fan also said: “The hype is real! Basically the only Marvel thing post-Endgame that I have actual goosebumps thinking about (well, Blade reboot too, but that's probably not happening)! Please be good!”

Superfans on the subreddit r/MarvelStudios were hyped for the new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine, with one comment saying: “So cool seeing Tyler Mane as Sabretooth again. It's been a hot minute.”

Another, however, added a very common complaint in the replies: “I was kinda hoping it would be Liev Schreiber”.

Whilst Tyler Mane played the original Sabretooth in the first Hugh Jackman X-Men film, Schrieber took on the character in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Schrieber and Jackman in X-Men Origins. (Marvel)
Schrieber and Jackman in X-Men Origins. (Marvel)

That film may have been the flop of all flops, but it did actually spawn two incredible things.

The relationship between Liev Schrieber’s Sabretooth and Jackman’s Wolverine was far more layered, akin to the comics, with an incredible scene of them both fighting across centuries.

The second? The fact that Ryan Reynolds' first time as the merc with a mouth was actually in that film.

As a result of that - and Deadpool and Wolverine’s timeline jumping plot - I wouldn’t be shocked if Schrieber did make an appearance.

While X-Men Origins may be an all-timer terrible film, it spawned the Deadpool films, so for that, we can thank it.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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