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Deadpool and Wolverine director reveals the one thing Marvel said was off limits

Deadpool and Wolverine director reveals the one thing Marvel said was off limits

The director revealed the one line he was told not to cross

When it was announced Marvel would be bringing Deadpool into the MCU, there have long been fears held that the character would be sanitised.

The first two Deadpool are raunchy R-Rated romps that defy Marvel’s normal conventions of kid-friendly content.

Between the various shots at Marvel, the pegging scene in the first film, and a character falling into a woodchipper in the second, the first two are littered with things you’d assume you simply can’t do in the MCU.

Fan worries have been assuaged, however, by the R-Rating attached to the film, and the trailers so far that seem to show that not only is Deadpool being joined by Wolverine in the film – he is the same Merc with a mouth we’ve always known.

The film’s director Shawn Levy first worked with Reynolds on The Adams Project, where the Canadian actor asked Levy to join him on the third Deadpool film.

Director Shawn Levy with Kevin Feige (David Becker via Getty Images)
Director Shawn Levy with Kevin Feige (David Becker via Getty Images)

Reynolds stated that he thought Levy would be unwilling to take the role, telling Vanity Fair in a roundtable interview with the director and Hugh Jackman:

“We knew we wanted to work together as much as humanly possible until we crawl into a box and turn into skeletons, but I wasn’t totally certain it would be in that Marvel space because it isn’t original IP.

“We had just made two original movies that worked.

“So, if I was a betting man, or was trying to get into Shawn’s head, I would’ve thought, No, he probably wants to only do original movies.”

Levy said: “I remember Ryan going, ‘Now, I know you’re going to say no.’

“And I remember either verbally or in my mind going, ‘What are you talking about? I’m already a yes.’”

With Levy on board for Deadpool 3, which later became Deadpool and Wolverine when Hugh Jackman came on board – you’d think it would’ve required a battle to get the film to be made R-Rated.

According to Levy though, in a recent interview with Total Film, there was one bit of feedback he was given by Marvel about a line they could not cross.

He said: “I’m so wary of what I can say but certainly there were early conversations about overt drug use.

“And we thought that was an interesting conversation. Let’s actually write a dialogue scene about having had it."

Whilst not clear if it made it into the film, one of the earliest trailers had Wade joking with Blind Al that Cocaine is ‘the only thing Kevin said is off the table’ when she offers him some Bolivian marching powder.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios / (David Becker via Getty Images)

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