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David Harbour says ‘it’s definitely time’ for Stranger Things to end
Featured Image Credit: @dkharbour/Instagram

David Harbour says ‘it’s definitely time’ for Stranger Things to end

The star described the ending as 'bittersweet'

Stranger Things star David Harbour has said it's 'definitely time' for the much-loved Netflix show to end as fans prepare for its fifth season.

Whether you're in to sci-fi or not, it's hard to deny that the fourth season of Stranger Things brought with it some of the best television of recent years.

From Eddie's guitar solo in the upside down to Max's iconic 'Running Up That Hill' escape, the most recent episodes of the show have been celebrated by fans across the globe and set a high bar for the next season, which is set to begin filming this year.

But while many fans would probably be happy to watch Eleven, Steve, Dustin and the rest of the gang for years to come, the creators of the show, Matt and Ross Duffer have already confirmed that season five will be the last.

It's sad news for fans, but Harbour, who plays Hopper in Stranger Things, made clear that the time has come for us to move on.

In an interview with Discussing Film, the actor admitted he's already 'feeling exhausted' about the prospect of shooting the new season alongside another of his upcoming projects, the movie Thunderbolt.

"I’m feeling exhausted already. I feel like I need a nap," Harbour said. "Just thinking about the year, it’s going to be crazy.

Harbour said its time to move on to new projects.

"It’s nothing like I’ve ever done before. You know, Stranger Things had to go. We have to get going because the kids are growing up, we got to shoot this thing!"

Further addressing the ending of the series, Harbour continued: "What’s funny is when I started the show, I never ever wanted it to end. That’s why I love the show. I think it’s a great show, even if I wasn’t in it.

"Now we’re almost nine years from filming the first season, and I think it is time for it to end. But it is, of course, very bittersweet. You know, there’s a sadness there. But also, we’ve all grown up.

"It is time for us to leave that nest and try other things and different projects. And to let the Duffer Brothers try different things as well. I mean, those guys are so talented. I want to see what they come up with next.

There's no doubting how much the kids are growing up.

"So it is bittersweet, but it’s definitely time."

The younger cast members, including Millie Bobby Brown, were only just entering their teenage years when Stranger Things began, but over the course of the series time has marched on and the actors are now approaching, or even in, their 20s.

With no one getting any younger, the end is, unfortunately, inevitable.

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