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People are naming the ‘creepiest movie scenes’ of all time

People are naming the ‘creepiest movie scenes’ of all time

These movie moments will send shivers up your spine

We all love being weirded out at the movies, but which films feature the 'creepiest scenes' of all time?

Cinema is a magical thing. It has the the ability to make us laugh, cry and jump out of skins in fear.

But, it's often the quiet, creepy moments that stick with us for the longest time afterwards, haunting our memories and making our skin crawl at the mere thought of them.

Now, a thread on X (formerly known as Twitter) has people recalling the movie moments that made them shudder.

It all started when X user @RealEmirHan wrote: "Creepiest movie scene of all time?"

X users are sharing the creepy movie moments that have sent shivers down their spines.
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He then said, "I'll start," and shared a short clip from the 2010 Leonardo DiCaprio thriller, Shutter Island.

In the scene, Leo's character comes across a patient as he explores Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane. The woman watches him as he passes, bringing her finger to her lips then grinning. Her vacant stare alone is enough to send a shiver down your spine.

Another pointed to a scene from iconic horror, The Blair Witch Project.

The found-footage movie follows three students who decided to go into the Maryland backwoods to investigate the mystery behind the Blair Witch incidents. But, things take a terrifying turn when they lose their map and end up lost.

In the scary scene, an unseen force attacks one of the students, Heather, causing her drop her camera. Meanwhile, Mike is seen standing in the corner of the room.

One said 2002's 'The Ring' terrified them as a kid.

In response, one user wrote: "The scariest film I've seen... I don't get scared easily and very few horror films scare me (it's my favourite genre). This one though really went deep into the fear cells of my brain."

Another user shared a still from The Ring, in which the horrifying Samara unexpectedly crawls out of a TV screen, saying the movie 'terrified me as a kid.'

Other commenters agreed, calling it 'the last scary movie I ever watched,' and saying: "They don't make scary movies like this anymore."

And, no list of creepy movie scenes would be complete without mentioning The Shining.

Stanley Kubrick's 1980 masterpiece, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, has provided us with some of the most iconic horror movie imagery of all time.

Many quoted Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' as featuring some of the scariest scenes of all time.
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One person shared a still from the film and simply wrote, "the twins."

Another said: "It's the bathtub scene that creeps me out."

A third shared: "When I was 9 ( should have been too young to have seen The Shining but I had anyway) we stayed at the @The_Greenbrier [a hotel in Vermont.]

"One night I got stuck on the elevator, got off on the wrong floor, & I saw NO ONE. I was literally waiting for this scene to happen while I waited to be found."

We might have to sleep with a nightlight on after that...

Featured Image Credit: Paramount/Dreamworks

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