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Chris Evans has a reason why he's been avoiding hosting SNL 'like the plague for years'
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ET Canada

Chris Evans has a reason why he's been avoiding hosting SNL 'like the plague for years'

Marvel superhero? No problem. Live sketch comedy show? No way.

Chris Evans' co-star Ana De Armas is set to guest host Saturday Night Live this weekend, and he couldn't be prouder of her.

And he'll stay happy just as long as he doesn't have to do it himself.

For decades, guest hosting SNL has been a coveted and career-defining gig among actors, musicians, athletes, reality stars, and even politicians.

But Chris Evans can think of nothing worse than hosting the NBC show.

Sure, playing a flagship Marvel superhero and essentially helping to launch one of the most successful film franchises in the world is a walk in the park, but performing in a live sketch comedy show is a step too far.

Chris Evans is terrified of SNL.
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It's not uncommon for SNL hosts to bring on a co-star for a surprise cameo appearance.

For example, when Steve Martin and Martin Short co-hosted in December 2022, their Only Murders co-star Selena Gomez joined them for a Father of the Bride sketch.

Or, a few months earlier when Miles Teller hosted, his Top Gun: Maverick co-star Jon Hamm dropped in.

So, when Chris Evans was asked if he might possibly make a sneaky appearance during Ana De Armas' hosting debut this weekend, he told ET: "Well, now, a cameo I can handle.

“I’ve avoided hosting SNL like the plague for years now just because I’m so scared. It’s terrifying to me.

Ana De Armas will host the live sketch comedy show this weekend.
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"To me, it would just be one of those things that every single night I would wake up in a cold sweat. A cameo sounds great — that’s perfect. In and out... get your toes wet."

His fear of hosting SNL has Chris respecting his Ghosted, The Gray Man, and Glass Onion co-star even more.

"But hosting, I tip my hat to her. She’s going to be amazing. But it would provide a lot of sleepless nights for me."

Later in the same interview, Chris admitted that he doesn't believe he's a very funny person.

"Maybe I only feel that because I have very, very funny friends who once told me I’m not a funny person," he pondered.

"I just know how I would feel … it would just be an everyday anxiety, constant regret. Why did I do this?

Playing the Cap? No problem. Hosting SNL? No way.
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"I could have been comfortable at my house, in my bed, not worrying about this."

So, maybe Ana shouldn't look to Chris for any advice before the big day, then.

The Ballerina star will, however, be joined by musical guest Karol G on Saturday night.

And who knows? Maybe Chris will sneak in the tiniest of cameos...

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