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People are cringing at footage of Cameron Diaz being forcefully kissed at MTV Awards

People are cringing at footage of Cameron Diaz being forcefully kissed at MTV Awards

The shocking moment happened at the 1995 MTV Awards, with Cameron Diaz being forced to kiss against her will.

Fans have been left cringing after witnessing resurfaced footage of Cameron Diaz at the 1995 MTV Movie Awards.

While one would think they were reacting to the questionable outfits, the moment was much more shocking as Cameron Diaz was forced to kiss another performer at the event.

It was as the Mask actor presented the award for 'Best Kiss' award that year. Take a look:

Having made it to the main stage, Diaz was appearing alongside musician Chris Isaak at the MTV Movie Awards.

With True Lies, Before Sunrise, Natural Born Killers, Speed and Dumb and Dumber all up for the award, Isaak tried to make his own last-minute entry but the Charlie's Angels actor wasn't impressed.

After introducing the category, the signer tried to put his arm around Diaz and then when in for a kiss.

Clearly not wanting to continue, the A-Lister tried to continue with her line which is when Issak tried to go in again.

In fact, he can even be heard saying 'come here, baby' despite Cameron's arm being in the way as he attempts this and holds one of her wrists.

Ever the professional, Diaz continues trying to announce the awards.

The actor wasn't impressed by Issak trying to hit on her.

Whilst everyone else had clearly gotten the message, Issak kept attempting to hit on Diaz as she explained that the big screen kisses happened on the 'on the director's say so'.

She still carries on, virtually shouting as she leans away from the creepy musician.

He then stands in front of her, with the uncomfortable actor nervously giggling as he yet again attempts to grab and kiss her.

Shockingly, the audience can be heard to cheer as he tells Diaz 'I knew you'd come around', leaving her in utter shock. (Gross!)

Thankfully, times have moved on and fans have since heavily criticised Isaak's behaviour.

One fan said that the footage 'makes my blood boil', while another said they were shocked that 'people clapped and laughed' during the moment.

The actor was stunned by the cringey kiss.
New Line Cinema

Some however did wonder whether the kiss must have been rehearsed, saying it must have been 'part of the act'.

Others agreed saying that they hoped so too, given that it was 'too much' if it was real.

Diaz also got her own back thanks to her Mask co-star, Jim Carrey.

Rather than just telling off the inappropriate musician, he opted to give Issak a taste of his own medicine literally by embracing him as he picked up the Best Kiss Award during the event.

Whilst it's unclear whether they actually kissed or not, it seems like the perfect revenge.

Featured Image Credit: MTV

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