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Jim Carrey had the perfect reaction straight after Cameron Diaz was forcefully kissed at MTV awards
Featured Image Credit: MTV

Jim Carrey had the perfect reaction straight after Cameron Diaz was forcefully kissed at MTV awards

Carrey wasn't going to let musician Chris Isaak get away with it

The MTV Movie Awards have produced countless memorable moments over the years, but Jim Carrey's reaction to an uncomfortable on-stage kiss has left fans calling him a 'hero.'

In 1995, Cameron Diaz was presenting the winner of the ‘Best Kiss’ award alongside Chris Isaak.

After introducing the category, her tried to put his arm around the Charlie's Angels actress and leant in for a smooch.

Diaz seemed to be having none of it and tried to continue with her line, which is when Issak attempted to kiss her again.

He can even be heard saying, "Come here, baby" despite Diaz's refusal.

Isaak then appears to forcefully kiss her, commenting that he knew she would 'come around' to the idea.

Chris Isaak forcefully kissed Cameron Diaz at the 1995 MTV Movie Awards.

It was never confirmed if the kiss was scripted or not, but the scene has since caused public outrage since it was shared on social media.

However, the footage shows that Isaak’s MTV behavior was soon dealt with, with Jim Carrey getting some sweet revenge for his The Mask co-star.

The Truman Show star won the 'Best Kiss' award and used the moment to help a fellow actor in need.

Alongside his Dumb and Dumber co-star Lauren Holly, he ascended the staircase to the stage, walked directly over to Isaak and embraced him.

While it can't be seen from the perspective of the camera whether the pair actually smooched or not, Isaak can be seen wiping his lips after Carrey walks off, with an uncomfortable look on his face.

Isaak's behavior was soon dealt with when Jim Carrey took to the stage and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

It's pretty safe to say that Carrey indeed gave Isaak a taste of his own medicine.

After a clip of the incident surfaced on TikTok, swathes of comments praised Carrey's reaction to Diaz's uncomfortable situation.

One user wrote: "He saw that and literally made and went 'well alrighty then,' then did what he had to do."

Another commented: "Jim sitting in the audience like 'I’ve got a deliciously devious idea.'"

And a third resolved: "God, I love Jim Carrey. He’s always been my favourite."

Fans have since praised Carrey for his reaction, calling him a 'hero.'

Thankfully, we've come a long way since 1995, with fans also quick to criticise Issak's behavior in the comment section.

One person said that the footage 'makes my blood boil', while another said they were shocked that 'people clapped and laughed' during the moment.

And others said they really hoped it was just 'part of the act,' saying it was 'too much' if it was real.

UNILAD has contacted Chris Isaak's representatives for a comment.

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