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Billie Eilish lets James Corden read her most recent DMs out loud and people are 'shocked'

Billie Eilish lets James Corden read her most recent DMs out loud and people are 'shocked'

Musician Billie Eilish shocked fans, after she revealed who had been sliding into her DMs on The Late Late Show.

Singer Billie Eilish let James Corden read out her most recent Instagram DMs out loud and her fans are ‘shocked’.

The Grammy award-winning artist appeared on The Late Late Show and fans were surprised by which celebrities had been messaging the star.

It comes not long after Eilish admitted to making out with a celebrity on the talk show, but refused to reveal whom she’d locked lips with.

The star is notoriously private about her love life and hesitated before she spoke about the moment during The Late Late Show's infamous spill the tea segment.

Eilish is incredibly private about her personal life.
Giulia Manfieri / Alamy Stock Photo

During the game, celebs have to confess to whatever the host asks them or be punished with a ‘treat’, a revolting food based on English cream teas.

Rather than reveal which celeb she'd shared a kiss with, the 21-year-old decided to eat a concoction of putrid peas profiteroles with mushy peas, chocolate, vegan ham and raw garlic.

While the disgusting snack may not have gone down all that well, worse was yet to come for the 'Happier Than Ever' singer.

In another moment from the game, Eilish was forced to have her last three Instagram DMs read aloud on air or face a congealed Scotch Egg.

Made from a gravy brownie, a raw onion and a hot mustard filling, it would have turned the stomach of most people in the audience even without the additional challenge.

However, the 'Bad Guy' musician rose to the occasion and passed her phone to host James Corden telling him to ‘just dig around’ and ‘go for it’.

While most of the DM were from celebs, like Rita Ora, sharing their excitement about seeing Eilish in concert, one of her famous pals shocked fans.

The singer has been overwhelmed by other celebs wishing her well.

Apparently, the singer is friends with Hailey Bieber and they regularly DM.

In fact, Eilish has admitted in the past that Hailey’s husband Justin was her childhood crush and the singers have since become close over their love of music.

Though Corden didn’t disclose what had been said between the two women, he did tell the studio audience: “You are all just really nice to each other.”

He continued, gushing: “It’s just loads of people going I’m here for you, I support you.”

While it was a cute moment on the talk show, fans were less than impressed by Hailey and Eilish’s friendship, reacting angrily to the clip on TikTok.

Billie Eilish was a huge fan of the Baby singer as a teen.
YouTube/Billie Eilish

Despite the episode airing before the supermodel’s recent scandal surrounding Selena Gomez, fans were not impressed.

One even wrote: "First time I’ve heard Hailey is nice to someone," and others quickly followed, with another adding: "Noooo she’s a Hailey supporter."

However, fans of Eilish have leapt to her defence saying that she is entitled to be friends with whomever she chooses.

“She’s close with Justin, why would she hate his wife? She doesn’t have to pick sides,” argued one user, adding: “She’s not 12.”

Hailey Beiber has recently come under fire after she allegedly reignited a long-running feud with Gomez, appearing to tease the star about her ‘over-laminated eyebrows’ on social media.

Featured Image Credit: The Late Late Show/tiktok

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