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Better Call Saul Fans Stunned By Recasting Of Key Character

Better Call Saul Fans Stunned By Recasting Of Key Character

Some fans didn't even recognise who the character was supposed to be

Better Call Saul fans are unhappy about a popular character's re-casting in the latest episode of the long-running AMC drama.

'Nippy', the tenth episode of the final season of the much-loved Breaking Bad spin-off aired on Monday (25 July) and centred on the 'future' timeline of Bob Odenkirk's Jimmy McGill.

Spoilers follow from here on in so look away if you've not watched it yet.

Filmed entirely in black-and-white, the episode sees Jimmy still living in Omaha, Nebraska under the alias of Cinnabon manager Gene Takovic.

This jump into the future ties into last season's flash-forward, where we discovered that Jimmy had been recognised by a cab driver called Jeff. However, while Jeff recognises Jimmy, in season six Jimmy could be forgiven for sure as hell not recognising Jeff.

Fans were unaware of who the new Jeff was supposed to be.

That's because Jeff was originally played by the actor Don Harvey in seasons four and five, but was was replaced in 'Nippy' by Pat Healy.

The change was unavoidable after Odenkirk suffered a heart attack while filming the current season. It meant that filming got pushed back and Harvey was unable to make the newly rearranged dates, given his commitments to HBO drama We Own This City.

Don Harvey was unavailable for the re-scheduled filming.

Healy's performance has been praised by viewers and the show's writers, but many fans were still struggling to reconcile themselves with the change - with some not even aware of who the new Jeff was meant to be.

“F***ed up of Better Call Saul to bring back a character who showed up, like, one time, recast them on top of that, and expect me to know who they are. Whole time I’m like ‘they’re acting like I’m supposed to know who Jeff is. who is Jeff’,” one person wrote.

Another asked: “So am I the only person who watched that entire episode of #BetterCallSaul and failed to realise the guy ‘Gene’ was scheming with was the cab driver who recognised him???

“They clearly recast the role and I was sitting wondering where this guy was gonna fit into the story.”

A third commented: “The new Better Call Saul episode is great but the Jeff recast is a bit unfortunate".

“As entitled and annoying as everyone was about it, gotta agree this Jeff recast is jarring. Has a totally different demeanor from the guy in season five ep one,” another fan wrote.

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