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Fans are complaining about massive 'plot hole' in Avatar: The Way of Water
Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

Fans are complaining about massive 'plot hole' in Avatar: The Way of Water

People who've seen the Avatar sequel have been put off by a 'plot hole'

Pre-Christmas cinemas have been packed out by people watching Avatar: The Way of Water, but fans reckon there's a pretty major plot hole in the movie which is spoiling things a bit.

At this point we should warn you that there's going to be some spoilers for the new Avatar film, so do be careful about reading on if you don't want to know about certain plot elements, after all you've got to have a plot to have holes in it.

Avatar: The Way of Water has been getting some pretty good reviews as critics have been impressed by the movie's sense of spectacle and wonder, though what it really needs to do is pack out cinema screenings.

The sequel has got to bring in the big bucks if it's going to justify more expensive sequels which the director has already planned out.

That the movie has taken so long to release is a point of contention even among some of the people who appeared in it, with Edie Falco recently revealing she'd shot her parts for the film four years ago.

It had been so long since she'd worked on the Avatar movie that she thought it must have released already and been a massive flop.

Avatar: The Way of Water is making mega-money at box office so far.
20th Century Studios/ FlixPix / Alamy Stock Photo

However, plenty of people stepping out of the cinema after several hours did seem like they were being bugged about a certain plot hole in the film.

The 'plot hole' audiences are complaining about comes near the end of the movie where Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) are having a big dramatic fight scene on a sea dragon type of animal.

There's supposed to be a whole load of other Na'vi (the blue aliens in the movie, for those who haven't got round to seeing it yet) helping them out in this scene, but they're just not there.

While the moment makes for an impressively large spectacle which makes use of all those snazzy advances in technology James Cameron likes to employ in his movies, some viewers reckon the scene doesn't really hold up.

Taking to social media to vent their complaints, audiences wondered where lots of characters who should have been around for the fight went, leaving the battle largely to Jake and Neytiri.

Neytiri hunting while pregnant in Avatar: The Way of Water.
20th Century Studios.

One viewer said a whole load of characters who could and probably should have helped out 'just kind of vanished from the movie at that point'

Another said they 'randomly disappear during the last battle', slating it as a 'very jarring transition' given they'd seen them all charging into the fray earlier.

Plenty thought there has 'got to be some missing footage' which explains where literally everyone else disappeared to offscreen that got spliced out of the movie to keep the focus on the main characters.

Others weren't so bothered as they liked that the film didn't seem to worry about everything fitting together, instead adopting the approach of 'doesn't matter, who cares, there's a sick ass whale' whenever a plot hole showed up.

Avatar: The Way of Water is in cinemas now.

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