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Zoe Saldaña shocked she will be 53 when final Avatar film comes out after new delays announced
Featured Image Credit: JEP Celebrity Photos / Cinematic Collection / Alamy

Zoe Saldaña shocked she will be 53 when final Avatar film comes out after new delays announced

The Avatar movies have been pushed back and one of their biggest stars is realizing she'll be 53 once they're eventually done

Fans of the Avatar movies are realizing they'll have to wait even longer to see the final movie and Zoe Saldaña has figured out she'll be 53 years of age by the time it hits cinemas.

A whole bunch of movies have been delayed as of late, with the ongoing Writer's Guild of America strike named as the primary reason behind the releases getting held up.

As Hollywood's writers who actually pen the scripts - which are the foundation of the multi-billion dollar industry - demand better conditions, the knock-on effect is a major amount of projects getting put on hold.

Plenty of properties have been placed on hiatus because if you haven't got a script and writers then you've got nothing, and among those with their anticipated release dates being kicked into the long grass are several high-profile movies.

Audiences will have to wait longer for a number of Marvel movies, including the tentpole Avengers films, though Deadpool fans might not mind so much as the release date for Deadpool 3 has been scooted up by several months.

The Avatar films and their long string of sequels are also having to hold their horses, or whatever animals substitute for horses on Pandora.

Avatar fans will have to wait until 2031 to finish the franchise.
20th Century Fox

James Cameron has three more of the big-budget science fiction flicks in the pipeline and they've all been knocked back a bit.

The third Avatar movie was meant to be released next year, but is now pencilled in for December 2025, while the fourth movie has also had to scoot further into the future.

The fifth and final film in the franchise has been shunted back to 2031 and Avatar star Zoe Saldaña reacted to the news as she realized what age she'd be when it finally hit cinemas.

Saldaña took to Instagram to post an emoji of a surprised face along with the caption: "Great! I’m gonna be 53 when the last Avatar comes out. I was 27 when I shot the very first Avatar."

Zoe Saldana realized she'll be 53 by the time the Avatar franchise is over, she was 27 when she started.
ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

Her co-star Sam Worthington will be 55 by the time the final film has wrapped up and if all five films do get made, it will have resulted in one of the longest-running film franchises going.

Of course that owes a lot to the gap between the first and second movies spanning more than a decade.

By comparison, the expected nine year gap between Avatar: The Way of Water and the final film in the franchise will look positively speedy.

Avatar director James Cameron has teased the introduction of an 'evil' group of Na'vi in the third movie, though the man himself has said he might 'pass the baton' of directing the final two to someone else depending on circumstances.

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