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Annie Murphy and Salma Hayek had exactly opposite reactions to Black Mirror laxative scene

Annie Murphy and Salma Hayek had exactly opposite reactions to Black Mirror laxative scene

Annie Murphy and Salma Hayek star in 'Joan is Awful' in the latest series of Black Mirror

Annie Murphy and Salma Hayek had completely opposite reactions to a particular part of the latest series of Black Mirror that they’ve both starred in.

The pair both feature in an episode called ‘Joan is Awful’ with Murphy playing the title character and Hayek playing a fictionalised version of herself, who also plays a version of Murphy’s character.

It’s a Black Mirror episode, you get the idea.

We won’t get too far into the part that we’re discussing here, but if you’ve seen it, you’ll already know exactly what we’re talking about.

It’s only a small spoiler - though it might spoil your lunch - to tell you that it involves laxatives.

The episode of Charlie Brooker’s Netflix anthology show has never shied away from some pretty dark and decidedly NSFW content, and this episode is no different.

Salma Hayek in Black Mirror.

In an interview with Variety, the pair discussed what their reactions to the whole thing were.

When asked about the scene - again it’s no real spoiler to tell you it happens in a church - Murphy said: “No, no, no, there was absolutely no hesitation at any point about any of this.

“I got a call saying I got this offer. I didn’t hesitate.

“I didn’t care about what the role was or what the episode was.

“I just wanted to be a part of the show.

“It just kept ticking boxes, and then we got to that scene, and I was like, ‘Put me in! I want to do this!’”

Hayek then chirped up: “Tell them about me!”

Murphy continued: “And then Salma was like, ‘Don’t ever put me in! This is horrible and disgusting!’”

Hayek commented: “Exactly the opposite reaction! Opposites attract!”

Clearly working with Hayek - as well as on Black Mirror in general - was a big part of the appeal for Murphy, who said: “Finding out that I was gonna be working with Salma Hayek - Salma f***ing Hayek - it was just a dream come true, for real.”

Annie Murphy also stars in 'Joan is Awful'.

For this episode of the Netflix series, Hayek revealed that she actually had some input to help Brooker with the dialogue, simply because she knows what she would say and sound like the best.

On that, she explained: “I did give some input on myself to Charlie: little details, like I’m dyslexic.

“But is this the real me? No, but it was so much fun to play different versions of what people think of me, and have a laugh at it and have a sense of humor about it, and then pushing it to the extremes.

“I’m also playing [Joan], as an even more extreme version of me.

“It was just so much fun.”

Black Mirror season six was released on Netflix on June 15 and is available to watch now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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