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People are saying episode from Black Mirror's new season has one of the series' darkest endings ever
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

People are saying episode from Black Mirror's new season has one of the series' darkest endings ever

The sixth season of Charlie Brooker's dark anthology series returned to Netflix earlier this week

Black Mirror fans believe that one of the episodes from the show's sixth season features one of the 'darkest' and most 'unsettling' endings ever.

On Thursday (15 May) the new series of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian nightmare Black Mirror hit Netflix.

The sixth outing of the creepy show is already being hailed by fans as 'the most unpredictable, unclassifiable and unexpected yet'.

If you haven’t had the chance to sink your teeth in yet, take a look:

Episode titles include 'Joan Is Awful', 'Lock Henry', 'Mazey Day' and 'Demon 79'.

However, it’s 'Beyond The Sea' - starring Aaron Paul, 43, and Josh Hartnett, 44 - that has fans talking.

The episode, set 'in an alternative 1969', follows two men on a perilous high-tech mission wrestle with the consequences of an unimaginable tragedy.

Interestingly, 'Beyond the Sea' - which has a run time of 79 minutes - is being heralded by fans as one of Black Mirror’s darkest ever outputs.

Aaron Paul plays Cliff Stanfield in the episode.

Discussing via Twitter, one user wrote: “I can’t even focus on the next episode after Beyond the Sea like I can’t think about anything else.”

A second commented: “Guess Beyond the Sea met all my expectations and at the same time screwed me over. Crazy part is the signs were kinda there even before the inciting incident.

“Good old Black Mirror. The more you watch it, the more you have to be immediately unsettled.”

Kate Mara plays Paul's wife, Lana Stanfield.

A third said: “Beyond the Sea is one of the darkest, most unsettling #BlackMirror episodes ever. It’s gonna stick with me forever. Paul and Hartnett are phenomenal.”

However, many viewers believed that while the episode was good, the anthology series as a whole was lacking something special.

Fans have praised Josh Hartnett for his portrayal of David Ross.

One viewer said: “Black Mirror season 6 is a vast improvement from season 5, but never truly hits the heights of its best.

”Charlie Brooker went for something unique and I can completely respect the risk-taking.”

One viewer wrote: “That ending was a complete shock. Beyond the Sea is a slow-burn commentary on masculinity, ego, and men’s use of power over women.

“Aaron Paul is fantastic. The premise was solid, but the story too dragged. This season of Black Mirror is more about human nature than dangerous tech.”

Speaking of Paul, one Twitter user who claims to have worked on the episode shared some wholesome snaps of himself and the 43-year-old on set.

He wrote: “ So S6 of #BlackMirror is out & I wanted to talk about working on #BeyondTheSea.

“There’s an old axiom (particularly in my industry) ‘Never meet or work with your heroes’ BUT I want to say @aaronpaul_8 is the exception to that rule.”

All five episodes of Black Mirror season six are streaming on Netflix now, but if you wanted a refresh before getting stuck in, here is every Black Mirror episode ranked from best to worst.

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