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Incredible AI photos show what South Park characters would look like as a live-action show

Incredible AI photos show what South Park characters would look like as a live-action show

People have been blown away by how accurate they are.

South Park has been on the air for decades and the characters are all very well known and beloved.

However, have you ever wondered what the programme would look like if it was played by real actors?

Live-action remakes are all the rage in Hollywood at the moment, particularly with Disney.

While I wouldn't bet on Trey Parker and Matt Stone making their legendary show a live-action series, artificial intelligence has helped us imagine what the characters would look like in real life.

The Instagram account ManMeetsMachine posted a series of pictures showing Eric, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Chef, Mr Garrison, Randy, Butters and Wendy as human characters.

There was also a notable addition of Kanye West, which is based off the hilarious 'Fish Sticks' episode.

The accuracy is incredible and looks so realistic.

People were well and truly blown away by the transformation.

One fan wrote: "I guess I never pictured Mr. Garrison as a real person, but that’s absolutely what he’d look like."

Another added: "Holy f**k these are perfect."

A third said: "Every single one felt like it would be from a Netflix live action drama version of South Park."

Others were begging for more and asked for other iterations of characters like Mr Hanky, Timmy and Jimmy.

Some asked why the real-life version of Kenny had angel wings and, seriously, if you have to ask that then you clearly aren't watching the show enough.

While this was seriously impressive, there has been another AI version of South Park that didn't go down so well.

Given how controversial and close to the line South Park is already, the robot mind behind the AI version had a lot to work with when someone prompted it to come up with its own scenes from the long-running show.

The person behind the AI prompts created a TikTok page to show all their results.

One 20-second clip shows Butters having a pretty weird response to Eric asking how everyone is doing.

"I'm over here stroking my d*ck," the blonde-haired character says. "I got lotion on my d*ck and I'm stroking my sh*t."

Eric's response is about on par with what I imagine most viewers are thinking to this answer, as he says: "What the hell, Butters?"

Though it's a pretty startling scene, South Park fans have admitted it's not necessarily much different to what they would have expected from AI.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ManMeetsMachine

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