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AI creates disturbingly scary movie posters of popular horror films

AI creates disturbingly scary movie posters of popular horror films

These are somehow much worse than the originals.

The spookiest night of the year is almost upon us, and this year an AI image generator has done a disturbing revamp of some classic horror movie posters.

Now, if you've been anywhere near the internet, you'll know that modern AI is capable of some impressive stuff (like imagining what our last selfies on earth will look like), and it has unreal interpretations of classic horror film posters too.

AI was given the task by the graphic design team at Evoluted, who explained that it took inspiration from the original posters and somehow made them more terrifying.

They created the new horror posters by giving AI keywords associated with the films and letting the technology work its magic - or should we say, horror.

Case in point, the reimagining of 90s slasher classic Scream, which is 'arguably even more terrifying than the original' and sees the classic Ghostface mask replaced with a red, bloody alternative.

If that doesn't at least perturb you, you're braver than the lot of us put together.

Scream is one of the most well-known horror films of the 90s.
This is on another level of scary.

Another instantly recognisable horror film poster is that of Jaws, which admittedly had a lot of people thinking that shark attacks are a lot more common than they actually are.

In the AI reimagining, the shark looks bigger and more ferocious than ever - a real up the ante on the underwater menace.

You can hear the theme tune just by looking at the poster.
Universal Studios
AI took the concept of Jaws very literally.

With the recent success of Netflix's Dahmer, we imagine that a lot of people will be watching Silence of the Lambs this Halloween.

The film itself gave us one of horror's most feared characters, Hannibal Lecter, who famously wears a muzzle to keep his cannibalistic tendencies in check while in captivity.

In the AI reimagining of the poster, this concept becomes eerier than ever, especially with those black eyes.

Silence of the Lambs is another horror classic.
Orion Pictures
AI somehow made Hannibal Lecter scarier.

Another iconic character from horror is Stephen King's IT, who was terrifyingly brought to life by Tim Curry in the TV mini-series.

While the film has been remade since then with Bill Skarsgård as the killer clown, we think the AI's interpretation of Pennywise is the worst yet.

Seriously, those eyes are the stuff of nightmares and enough to give anyone coulrophobia (a fear of clowns).

This poster has given people nightmares for decades.
Warner Brothers
Pennywise looks more horrifying than ever.

Slasher films are an important part of the horror genre and one of the most famous is A Nightmare on Elm Street - a film that's made a lot of us think twice before shutting our eyes at night.

While Freddy Krueger was and remains terrifying in the original film, the AI reimagining certainly gives it a run for its money and features a Krueger with a new, slightly Jack Skellington-esque vibe.


The film that made us scared to go to sleep.
New Line Cinema
No one wants to get chased by this in their dreams.

But this collection wouldn't be complete without mentioning the unluckiest day of the year, Friday the 13th, which was also reimagined by the AI technology.

While the reimagining of the Ghostface mask is bad, we think this take on Jason Voorhees' hockey mask is much, much worse. Truly the stuff of nightmares.

Everyone has their guard up on Friday the 13th.
Warner Brothers
Jason Voorhees has a new, more terrifying look.

Reckon we should just get AI to design movie posters from now on, then?

Featured Image Credit: Evoluted

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