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AI turns Family Guy into a 1980s live action sitcom and the results are freaky

AI turns Family Guy into a 1980s live action sitcom and the results are freaky

AI has been used to turn Family Guy into a strangely realistic ‘80s live action family sitcom’

An AI artist has turned Family Guy into a 1980s live action sitcom, and while the results are a truly bizarre sight to behold, fans are strangely into it.

The fake opening titles were recently posted by YouTuber Lyrical Realms, who uses AI to create themed videos and more - including music videos that use ‘their own lyrics as an input for AI image generation models’.

While Family Guy is known as a hit animated dark comedy series, here it is reimagined as an ‘80s live action family sitcom’, complete with some very big hairdos.

Set to the theme tune of Family Matters, the opening titles take us through the characters, including the core family – Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg and Stewie, along with Brian the dog, who is now a loveable Labrador – and supporting cast members like Cleveland Brown, Glenn Quagmire and Joe Swanson.

Peter Griffin reimagined by AI.
Lyrical Realms/YouTube

Many found the video was weirdly accurate, saying the ‘freakishly realistic’ technology meant they could really see the Griffin family at the heart of their very own retro sitcom.

“Feels like a bizarre window into an alternate reality,” one person commented.

Someone else said: “It's scary how well these realistic counterpoints make sense."

A third added: “It's really uncanny and kinda creepy that AI is making these... they look freakishly realistic.”

Here's his wife Lois.
Lyrical Realms/YouTube

Some said the effects were ‘perfect’, with one saying Glenn and Joe looked ‘exactly’ how they would picture them as real characters, and another writing that the AI had ‘nailed’ Chris, as he was just like how they’d imagined him if he was a ‘live person’.

And son Chris.
Lyrical Realms/YouTube

Others made casting suggestions, such as the late John Candy as Peter, Bruce Campbell as Quagmire and Gillian Anderson in the late 80s and 90s as Lois.

Many more also begged for the sitcom to become reality, saying it would be ‘glorious’.

“I unironically actually want to watch this as a 80s sitcom,” one said.

“You have no idea how badly I would binge the heck out of this show,” another agreed.

Quagmire looks strangely suave.
Lyrical Realms/YouTube

There are plenty of neat little Easter Eggs in the video, which begins with a double thumbs up from Peter - much like the GIF we often see from the animated show, taken from the moment Peter sings ‘Walkin’ On Sunshine’ in his signature nasal tones.

Even Ernie the Chicken makes an appearance – albeit a completely terrifying one.

Peter with Ernie the Chicken.
Lyrical Realms/YouTube

Some viewers also noted how Stewie and Brian looked uncannily like they did in the ‘Road to the Mutliverse’ episode of Family Guy, in which they went on a road trip through alternate universes using a special remote control.

Brian and Stewie.
Lyrical Realms/YouTube
Another version of Stewie and Brian.

“Brian and Stewie look exactly like they do in the Multiverse episode where they get transported to the real life dimension,” one person commented.

Someone else said: “I love how Brian and Stewie look the same as they did when they had to travel through different time lines, and they ended up as live action ones.”

Featured Image Credit: Lyrical Realms/YouTube

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