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Adam Sandler says he would return for a Murder Mystery 3 if Shaquille O'Neal is in it

Adam Sandler says he would return for a Murder Mystery 3 if Shaquille O'Neal is in it

Actor would be thrilled to have the basketballer in the threequel.

Adam Sandler said he’s down to for a Murder Mystery 3 if Shaquille O’Neal is in it.

I mean, that would be quite the guest star.

The comedian recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight when he was asked about possibly making a threequel, but on one condition.

"If Shaq's in it, I'm in it," Sandler told the outlet."I love Shaq and anytime he's near me, I'm happier."

Murder Mystery 2 is set to be released on Netflix today, people!

It comes four years after the success of the first comedy-mystery starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler Audrey and Nick, who were forced to rely on their detective skills after being framed for the death of an elderly billionaire and were forced to go on the run.

Following the couple's success in solving their first mystery - and the success of the first film, which became Netflix's most popular film or TV project of that year - the sequel sees Nick and Audrey launch their own detective agency.

They're set to enjoy a beautiful wedding on an island for their friend Maharaja (Adeel Akhtar), but in true comedy-movie fashion, things take an ugly turn.

When Maharaja is kidnapped, Nick and Audrey have to head to Paris as they find themselves at the centre of an international investigation.

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And things sound chaotic on-screen as they do off, as Aniston recently revealed he had an extreme allergic reaction while shooting one of the action sequences.

While speaking to, she said she accidentally inhaled too much smoke while escaping a building fire in a scene.

“The burning castle … They do atmosphere smoke. So you had the fire fumes and then the atmosphere fumes, [and] I had some weird allergic reaction and my eyes, like, just wouldn’t open," she said.

“It was great for the scene, but the next day wasn’t so bueno.”

Her reaction was so gnarly she had to take a day off.

"I didn’t work the next day because my eyes swelled up,” she said. “But I got rid of it. I took an antihistamine.”

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