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50 Cent’s aunt was ‘traumatised’ after seeing his manhood in sex scene
Featured Image Credit: Starz

50 Cent’s aunt was ‘traumatised’ after seeing his manhood in sex scene

The rapper's aunt was left in total shock after seeing her nephew's penis

50 Cent’s aunt has been left utterly ‘traumatised’ after seeing her nephew's manhood in a particularly raunchy sex scene.

The rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, starred in an episode of season three of Power where his character, Kanan, gets it on with Candie, played by Natalie Paul.

While Fiddy's auntie was excited to see him on the silver screen - it's clear that she saw a lot more of him than she was expecting.


The rap icon, who is also an executive producer of the show alongside Courtney Kemp, was left outraged after finding out that his penis was shown on TV during sex scene.

50 Cent claimed he didn't approve the inclusion of the full-frontal scene and accused Kemp of leaving in an extremely up-close-and-personal shot of his character masturbating without his consent.

In an array of social media posts, the 'Candy Shop' star slammed Kemp alongside the other creators of the show.

He took to Instagram writing: "Man I just saw episode 4, of POWER.

"Courtney I’m a kill you, this is not funny. I think I just saw my [eggplant emoji] in a scene. What the f*** Courtney call my phone NOW!!!"



Another angry message read: "The sex scene was hard enough man, it's not a regular sex scene.

"Courtney you of all people know this you wrote this s***," he continued, "B**** I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT WITH OUT TELLING ME FIRST, WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!"

A third post added: "This s*** wasn't in the first three edits."

"Nah, y'all got me f****d up..." Fiddy went on, "So now my auntie G can't watch Power because my d*** is debuting tonight. SMH you m***********s. I wish somebody say some stupid s**t right now. I am Kanan m**********r. Try me."

And it's clear that his auntie G should have definitely tuned out for that particular episode considering the dramatic response she had to it.

50 Cent took to Instagram after the episode, Don't Worry Baby, aired on TV explaining the whole ordeal to his fans.

He penned: "My Auntie G money, just called me and said man what the f*** did i just watch.

"She's traumatized. She said she had to get up twice."


He went on to address the Starz scandal during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The rapper explained that, while he knew his penis would be shown on the episode, he didn't know just how explicit the shot would be.

50 Cent claimed: "I knew it was there, but in the original clips, it was darker. It wasn’t on, like, a big screen, like a life-sized version.

"It wasn’t like, an accident. Courtney was like, ‘I didn’t want to show it to you in the beginning because I didn’t think you needed to see it at that point … You just gotta take one for the team.'"

He also revealed to Kimmel that his aunt told him off about not warning her over the NSFW shot.

"My aunt sees the show, and she’s like, 'I’m traumatized!'" he said. "She texted me like, 'What the f***? Why didn’t you tell me?'"

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