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2022's best worst movie has just dropped its trailer

2022's best worst movie has just dropped its trailer

The best worst film of the summer just dropped its trailer, and we couldn't be more excited.

The best worst film of the summer just dropped its trailer, and we couldn't be more excited.

Look, who doesn't love a film so awful it circles back around to being good again? We, for one, can't get enough of absolute gems like Jurassic World Dominion, any of the Shaknado films, and Spice World.

About to be inducted into that incredible hall of fame is Maneater.

And, no, that's not the Nelly Furtado hit song it's 2022's most daring shark film.

By daring we mean the most close-up shots of a shark chomping we've ever seen in one trailer.

So, what's the plot of this marvellous film? Well, "Jesse and her friends' idyllic island vacation turns into a gruesome nightmare when they become the target for an unrelenting great white shark. Desperate to survive, she teams up with a local sea captain to stop the vicious man-eater before it strikes again in this heart-pounding thriller."

She's pretty close to the shore by the looks of it.
Saban Films

Hilariously, that captain, played by Trace Adkins, looks like a cowboy who rocked up to the wrong set.

To make the situation more strange, Jesse and her friends seemed to be fairly close to shore when the attack happens, and it somehow makes the situation more funny than threatening. Like, just don't go near the water, mate.

Naturally, people were quick to react to the new film on Twitter, with one slightly sadistic user saying: "Love to see annoying people get devoured."

A second had a pretty similar response adding: "plot: humans being stupid, sharks eating stupid people. if only this could happen in the real world."

And we wouldn't exactly invite those two on a boat holiday with us.

It's not exactly Jaws but we're still going to have a great time watching.
Saban Films

Another came to defend the mammals, saying they're not as vicious as they seem: "In real life, sharks don't intently attack humans because people are mistaken for their natural prey and with shark's poor eyesight they can't tell difference between humans and their natural prey." Either way, we'll be keeping far away from them.

While one had a pretty sound movie pitch themselves: "why can't we get a movie where sharks aren't demonized. shark goes for a nice swim, shark makes a friend. lol I'll still check out this movie."

Pretty sure that's the 'Baby Shark' music video and, to be fair, it was a hit.

Still, despite the plot being a little more anti-shark, it looks like a laugh, and you won't have to wait long to watch the new flick because it's set for release on 26 August.

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Featured Image Credit: Saban Films

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