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Woman explains why she spent more than $4,000 to get married to herself

Woman explains why she spent more than $4,000 to get married to herself

A woman who spent more than $4,000 to marry herself has explained her reasoning.

Typically, the week of Valentine's is surrounded by the topic of love, a subject that a lot of singletons don't exactly like talking about.

Over the years, many rather unusual stories about love have come out, including a woman in the UK who got married to a ghost last year.

Another atypical romance is a woman from the US who actually got married to herself.

30-year-old Danni told her story of how she spent $4,000 to wed herself on a Valentine's episode of Dr. Phil.

In the episode titled 'Forget You, I'm Marrying Myself', Dr. Phil interviewed several women who committed to a loving relationship with themselves.

The general consensus from a lot of the women was that they've had a lot of trauma in their previous relationships, so decided on giving up on finding 'the one' and married themselves instead.

In a video montage before her Valentine's interview, Danni said: "I overcame a lot of trauma, and it inspired me to marry myself. I realized I wasn't living for myself and this wedding was my chance to start over."

Alongside the extortionate price she paid for the solo wedding, she also revealed that she had nine bridesmaids.

Danni married herself with nine bridesmaids beside her.
Dr. Phil/ YouTube

At the service, Danni kissed her reflection after the officiant proclaimed: "I now pronounce you a married woman, you may now kiss yourself."

"There is no such thing as overdoing celebrating yourself," Danni said.

"Some people buy themselves a bag, some people buy themselves a nice cruise - me, I gave myself a wedding!"

While Dr. Phil praised Danni for embracing 'self-love', he did ask his guest why she decided to go to great lengths and hold a wedding for herself.

Danni responded: "I grew up going to weddings my whole life, and I was taught that they were about love, joy, commitment, you know, so I wanted to show that and share that with my family and my friends.

At the ceremony, Danni kissed her reflection.
Dr. Phil/ YouTube

"[I] experienced a lot of traumatic things growing up and in my younger days, and so I didn't always have self-love, I didn't always give myself everything that I needed, and I went on this long therapeutic journey.

"I stopped drinking, stopped having sex, and I said now it's time I went to therapy, it's time to marry myself. I have something that I've never had before, and my cup is full."

Danni added that her intent with the wedding was to share her 'self-love' with her friends and family, though some of them did not get on board straight away.

Both of her parents thought that she was 'crazy', though they did come around and understand why Danni wanted to get married to herself.

Featured Image Credit: Dr. Phil/YouTube

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