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Woman 'embarrassed' after catching Walmart staff looking at her photos as she got them developed

Woman 'embarrassed' after catching Walmart staff looking at her photos as she got them developed

"I've never been so embarrassed in my life"

A woman has been left feeling a tad 'embarrassed' after she thought she saw Walmart staff looking at her photos as she got them developed.

To be fair, it seems like they're just doing their job and the TikTok community was on hand to remind her of this fact.

Dani shared a video showing the staff at the supermarket dealing with her photos, with one employee apparently looking through each one to check they're okay.

Text over the footage reads: "Huhhhh??!! You're telling me they look through your pictures?! I never been so embarrassed in my life."

We're not going to sit here and speculate what was in those images that left her feeling so embarrassed, especially since she hasn't said so herself.

But we will warn you that it's totally up to the company if they need to look through pics for quality assurance, and that's why it's always best to keep your private moments, well, private.

Unless you really don't care, in which case go off.

The TikToker's clip has been viewed more than 850,000 times, with hundreds of people commenting on the awkward situation.

Some commenters said it's store policy to check through photos for quality assurance.

Another wrote: "Yeah, unfortunately we look through them bahaha. I be catching some of y’all in tangas."


A third added: "My mom used to work at the Walgreens photo department, they just check so there’s isn’t any illegal photos."

While a fourth chimed in: "I used to work at Walmart and we had to look bc we weren't able to print explicit pics so we had to shred them."

And as is often the case with these things, there were also commenters who were in disbelief that no one knew about this part of the job description.

"They have to look through them to make sure they are all there as well as not damaged," said one. "I've known this for years."

The TikToker said she's 'never been so embarrassed' in her life.

A second said: "Yeah quality assurance for one thing, and then even if you use an instant print machine they can still view what's been getting printed on it."

"Since the beginning of film development," added a third. "Nothing new here."

Well, now you know – the next time you fancy taking a few spicy pictures, just try not to do so with your disposable camera.

Unless you're not bothered about the staff members seeing your bits on display.

UNILAD has contacted Walmart for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @danielanicol_/TikTok

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